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White Shark Media: A Study In How To Use Complaints To Improve Service


Every company, in all sectors, will receive a complaint or a bad review at some point, nevertheless, how the company handles the complaint shows how much they care about providing exceptional customer service. White Shark Media, a Google AdWords management firm, is the ideal example of a firm that utilizes poor reviews to improve, instead of blaming their customers or circumstances for service failures.


When White Shark Media’s customers felt that they could not reach their contact person easily, the company started giving out employee’s direct lines instead of routing all calls through a receptionist. In addition, the AdWords management firm gives their customers the direct line for their contact person’s supervisor as well, to offer seamless communication with no hassles.


In the past, White Shark Media’s clients felt out of touch; they did not understand the proprietary report that they received. Now, each client is thoroughly briefed on their campaign and how to find information in the report they receive each month. Additionally, White Shark Media uses Go To Meeting to set up monthly meetings with clients so that they can ask their SEM Strategist questions. Clients are pleased with this new tool, as now they feel included. Call tracking is also included, which enables local business owners to determine how their AdWords campaign is helping them generate new leads from phone calls.


Only a year after opening their doors, White Shark Media began creating a new AdWords account for each client, although they would keep the elements that were performing well. Now clients can keep their existing campaign or start a new one, whichever they prefer.


Priding themselves on providing cost-effective SEM campaigns, White Shark Media also focuses on offering excellent customer service as well. After their growing pains, as the PPC management company grew rapidly, they have found methods for addressing every complaint, proving to clients that they care about the level of personal service that they furnish.