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Market America Miami



Market America Miami, is a network marketing company, founded by distributor James Howard Ridinger, and headquartered in Greensboro, NC. The company has enjoyed a series of expansions, starting with Austrailia in 2002 and culminating with Malaysia in 2017. What is Market America Miami? It is a business model predicated on using existing distributors to recruit new distributors, and paying the existing distributors a percentage of their sales. Many companies have found great success in this business strategy, and Market America is no exception.




Market America Miami’s business portfolio encompasses a large cross section of products, which contributes the company’s scalability; with a diverse product portfolio, there is guaranteed to be something that appeals to almost any demographic. Market America Miami has made it relatively easy to join their successful business platform; as of June 2017, the reported start-up fee to become a distributor was $399 plus additional monthly payments of $129. Although this sounds like a lot, the opportunity to recover these cost is available to motivated distributors.




So, if this article has enticed you, Market America Miami will be holding a world conference on February 1st thru February 3rd, 2018 at the American Airlines Arena in Miami, FL. This conference will provide further insight into Market America, allowing prospective distributors access to regional conventions, seminars, and trade shows. If you’re truly interested in creating a pathway towards financial freedom, be sure to attend one of the scheduled conferences.