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Why I Want to Join Magnises

As a New York City resident, I’m always looking for ways to improve my social life. I think I’ve found the answer to solving the social life problem. That solution is Magnises! I’ve always wanted to expand my social circle and increase my social influence, and this is most likely the way to do it. I’ve been living in NYC for only a few years, but as a banker, I often don’t have a chance to plan anything well in advance. I’m always staying late at the office, or I’m not sure how my day will end. This means it’s difficult to plan ahead with friends and family.

With the Magnises card created by Billy McFarland I’ll have access to private events and the newest and most trendy restaurants that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. I’ve discovered that through Magnises, I’ve been able to connect with so many different individuals through Magnises too. Thee diversity in my social circle is increasing, and that’s just one more thing to love about joining this private club.

It’s incredible to be able to meet up with outgoing people and to get discounts at some of the best restaurants, bars, and private concerts in the city. I find that many of the other young professionals like me are looking for a total experience as well as others to have those experiences with. I’m fortunate to be making a six figure income while living the best night life that NYC has to offer. Along with that I’m so glad that I can make friends and meet new people like myself.

This club is onto something, as it’s gaining the attention of entertainers that are well-known within the city. This says a lot about Magnises and what Billy has in store for the club. The club isn’t just about the card because it represents much more than that. The black card simply represents the individual carrying the card and how they want to expand their social influence. There’s nothing more important than bonding with like-minded individuals once you meet them.

No one that I’ve met so far believes that they are better than others just because they belong to Magnises. I admire that the CTO, Trevor Gopnik acknowledges that this is about bringing people together more than anything else. Those I’ve met so far are hard-working professionals and they aren’t just trust fund babies out blowing money.