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Michael Phelps Teams Up With Talkspace Therapy App

Michael Phelps experienced a moment of depression and anxiety in the fall of 2014. His depression and anxiety crippled him to the point where he did not speak to anyone or come out of his room for 5 days. It got to a point where he knew that he couldn’t handle the difficulties that came along with experiencing the depression and anxiety. That’s when he knew that he had to seek out help and find a professional to talk to. Soon after being victorious in his battle with the mental illnesses, he decided to partner with the Talkspace app.

After Michael went through one of the hardest times in his life, he knew that he wanted to help others that were having similar difficulties. Partnering with Talkspace is his way of getting his message out to those that are needing someone to relate to. Needing help when suffering with depression and anxiety is sometimes seen as weak by some people. It is for this reason that it is so hard for many people to talk to someone about their problems. When Michael Phelps decided to seek out help he realized that it was not a moment of weakness but one of courage.

It was reported in an article on the crunchbase profile of Talkspace that many of the people that are seeking help are doing so because of work related causes. These kinds of causes can range from prejudices to sexual harassment in the work place. Many types of incidents are now being more commonly referred to as “microaggressions”. While many people are suffering as victims from these types of situations, others are completely unaware that they are the ones that are the cause of the issues. These types of work place incidents have been known to have detrimental effects on the employees and their productivity.

When people use applications like Talkspace they hope to be able to find a place that has people available that will listen and be supportive. Many of the work place situations also consist of office bullying and unsavory comments made on fellow coworkers. These are only a few of many issues that Talkspace has been able to help heal.