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Thor Halvorssen Brings Human Rights to the Mainstream

The human rights activism community has always been one of the most worthy among the many groups trying to help those affected by negative issues within society; however, the results achieved by many human rights groups are questionable in the eyes of many who are looking to fight for people stranded in closed societies. Thor Halvorssen is the head of the Human Rights Foundation, a group started by the Venezuelan film producer after he became disillusioned with the way mainstream groups were using their funds and time in the 21st century.

Thor Halvorssen knows the urgency that is required in the human rights activism community after seeing members of his own family affected by many human rights losses, including imprisonment, torture, and personal injury caused by their political beliefs. Halvorssen himself has been active in the human rights community since his days in college and made his first impression on the media with a protest against Chinese slavery laws.

One of the areas Thor Halvorssen believes has affected the human rights community is the issue of reports and investigations being undertaken in democratic countries in the developed world. The founder of the Oslo Freedom Forum believes too much time, effort, and money is being placed on human rights issues in the U.S. and Europe; Halvorssen’s work with the Human Right Foundation is generally focused on areas of the word where tyrants and dictators are in power ruling their citizens with an iron fist. Unlike many individuals working in the human rights activism community Thor is willing to place his own body on the line and faced being assaulted by government officials in Vietnam when he interviewed a political prisoner in the country.

Halvorssen has dedicated much of his recent career to bringing news of dictators around the world to the mainstream media through his writings and appearances with many popular news networks. One of the political leaders Thor Halvorssen has dedicated much of his time to opposing is Russian leader Vladimir Putin through his backing of political dissidents Gary Kasparov and the activists “Pussy Riot”.

Frans Schoeman, One of the Best Attorneys in South Africa

Frans Schoeman is the Director of Phatisma Diamond Corporation. He is the founding partner of the renowned Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, which is a leading law firm in the South Africa. Very few people can match up to his experience in the legal field. He has been in practice for a period of 25 years.
His career in law began in 1987 when he joined the University of Free State. Frans Schoeman received his degree in 1990, giving him the powers of being an attorney in South Africa. As a student, he was an active member of legal society body in school. At Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, Frans was able to serve as an active partner marking his first sting into legal practice.
Frans Schoeman has severally been selected due to his experience and unique set of skills in areas of legal research, corporate law, and dispute resolutions. He has also covered the areas of commercial and civil litigation, international law, and negotiation. At Joubert Schoeman Attorneys, he has done pro bono works that aim at helping several courses relating to children, arts and culture, and education.
Something worth noting is that, Frans Schoeman has helped many organizations in understanding better the area of environmental law. This is in terms of understanding their obligations in relation to the natural world. It has ensured that the interaction of the companies with the natural world is in accordance with the set principles of the National Environment Management Act. These actions indicate how a responsible attorney he is in terms of conserving the environment.
Frans Schoeman has led in the development of solid and creative techniques that can tackle any legal challenge. Equipped with excellent legal experience, knowledge and skills, he has offered effective solutions to many clients. This has enabled him to build a strong client base on both the national and international level. His main strategy lies in specializing to deal with few clients at a time than a large number. This he says enables him to provide excellent service as a result of quality engagement.
Presently, his scope of practice though not limited to the following covers administrative law, finance, and banking law. He is also involved in the practice of commercial litigation, medical law, and intellectual property. In addition, he practices in forensic investigations, property transfers, and debt recovery.
Frans Schoeman has served at Hofmeyr Herbstein & Gihwal Inc as an attorney. In the year 2001, Frans rendered his services as one of the directors of tg Minister Group.  served as the Managing Director of Phatsima Diamond Corporation from 2005 before becoming the Director of the corporation.