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Banyan Hill Publishing Experts Like Jeff Yastine an Ted Bauman Help Everyday Investors To Generate Life Changing Wealth

Banyan Hill Publishing is a financial and investment industry publishing house that utilizes the unique knowledge sets of its pane of experts to give its readers investing information that they won’t be able to find from traditional sources. The company is currently the fastest growing publishing firm in the area of independent investment advice and has a subscriber base that exceeds 400,000 daily readers. These readers are largely comprised of average, everyday investors who rely on Banyan Hill Publishing’s panel of investment experts including Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman. Learn more about Jeff Yastine at Crunchbase.

Banyan Hill Publishing got its start back in 1998 under its original name of The Sovereign Society. The publishing house quickly became knowns as a leader in the fields of investment organization and global asset protection and is known for encouraging its subscribers to seek what its terms as “personal sovereignty” in their financial dealings. Advice offered up included advice on investment strategies, running offshore bank accounts, asset protection trusts, private foundations and foreign residency.

2016 saw the rebranding of The Sovereign Society under the current name of Banyan Hill Publishing. The Banyan in Banyan Hill was inspired by the banyan tree which has the largest canopy of any tree in the world. The focus of Banyan Hill is to put the focus on offering everyday investors advice that they can take immediate action on in the realms of investing, entrepreneurship and asset protection and Banyan Hill takes great pride in helping guide its readers to a state of “total wealth” in which they gain the ability to truly control their own destinies in their lives. Follow Jeff on Twitter.

Financial markets are often volatile and investors often become worried at times where it appears that a financial storm is going to break out. The traditional method of dealing with these issues has been to seek advice from financial advisors. This has the problem that the advice received is often generic and these advisors charge large fees for their services. Banyan Hill Publishing’s revolutionary concept offers an alternative for everyday investors. The experts at Banyan Hill have a wide range of knowledge and have all made personal fortunes in their investing careers. The advice that these experts offer is often the type of advice that a reader will not find anywhere else and it presents investors with unique opportunities to generate wealth.

About Jeff Yastine and Ted Bauman:

Jeff Yastine is the editorial director at Banyan Hill Publishing and brings with him over twenty years of experience in stock market investment. Jeff Yastine is the man behind the Banyan Hill Publication Total Wealth Insider.

Ted Bauman has been with Banyan Hill Publishing since 2013 and has an extensive background in economics and investing. He contributes weekly to Banyan Hill’s free daily newsletter The Sovereign Investor Daily.