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Hollywood Celebrities explain how Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre Enriches Lives

There was curiosity all over the world when a non-Jewish Hollywood icon, Madonna, visited the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Even more intriguing were the regular visits to the Kabbalah by several other Hollywood stars such as Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, the late Elizabeth Taylor, the late Sammy Davis, the late Marilyn Monroe, and Sandra Bernhard, who all became deeply interested in Jewish Kabbalah.

People were of course bound to ask, “Why does Jewish mysticism fascinate non-Jewish Hollywood stars?”

Madonna even opened several Kabbalah centers. Many Hollywood celebrities practice Jewish mysticism routinely while some have converted to Judaism.

Kabbalah is Ancient Wisdom

Sandra Bernhard, a frequent guest at the Los Angeles Kabbalah Center, says that Kabbalah is ancient wisdom. Sandra claims that Jewish mysticism helped her to end 80 % of the disorders in her life. Paris Hilton told Great Britain’s More Magazine that the Kabbalah helped her cope after she split with Nick Carter. Hilton, who now wears a Kabbalah bracelet, agrees that Kabbalah is “olden wisdom that provides useful tools for creating happiness and life-long fulfillment.”

Kabbalah is the Soul of the Torah

Kabbalah, often describes as the core of Judaism, can transform people’s view of the world. The Kabbalah Center in Los Angles makes you understand the essence of God, the principles of creation, God’s plan for the universe, and the reasons for human existence.

The Kabbalah Center is part of the 5,000-year-old history. Sammy Davis, an African-American, states that Jewish mysticism gives him inner strength and spiritual peace. Davis’s emotional attachment to Kabbalah arises from the similarity between the historical oppression of both the Jews and African-Americans.

However, the Kabbalah Revolution in Hollywood is not all about solving personal challenges. Madonna told the Time Magazine in 2006 that the Kabbalah Center inspires her to help the underprivileged globally. Elizabeth Taylor who even converted to Judaism, the Kabbalah is the basis of her pro-Israeli advocacy.

The Kabbalah Center International in Los Angeles, California, is a non-profit organization providing the Zohar and Kabbalistic education online. The multi-ethnic staff at the center led by its director Philip Berg and his wife Karen Berg offers Kabbalistic studies worldwide.

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Spiritual Wisdom Studied at Kabbalah Centres

Kabbalah is not a religion, but it is an ancient wisdom that has been studied for over 4,000 years. The study of Kabbalah is not a bible study either; instructors teach practical principles of Kabbalah wisdom so that the student can understand the wisdom and spirituality that is found in it. This wisdom dates back to the days of Moses before God formed the Jewish people into the nation of Israel after 400 years of slavery to the Egyptians. Abraham is the first person known in Kabbalah history to have only one God, and Kabbalah believes this also.

Throughout history, Kabbalah has been passed down and mainly studied only by the elders. In the Kabbalah Centres of today, instructors teach students of all ages, all walks of life and nationalities. Instructors believe that Kabbalah can be taught to even a six-year-old because it is a spirituality that is simple. It is a practical study of the principles that help students understand their lives and make better decisions for themselves and their families. Click Here for Kabbalah Centre News.  Original Source 

Ancient Kabbalahists believe that at the center of every human being is joy and happiness, so they focus on allowing the spirituality to bring out that natural joy that is inside. Today, there are over 30 Kabbalah Centres located around the world, and they are designed to help students. Classes and instruction are held where students can come together and get answers for their problems. In the Centres, dinners are held monthly to allow students to fellowship, and most importantly, members come together to volunteer in their community. Karen Berg has stated that volunteerism is the best way to experience Kabbalah.

The first Centre was established in 1922 in Jerusalem Israel, and Michael and Karen Berg, from the United States, studied there. They stayed for 10 years studying the ancient manuscripts, and in the 1960s brought Kabbalah to America. They established a Centre in NYC holding classes and translating manuscripts into many languages of the world. Within two decades there were four Centres in the U.S., and Kabbalah University is online to reach students anywhere. for more.

A look At Kabbalah And The Kabbalah Centre

The Kabbalah Centre is a non profit organization. The Kabbalah Centre has online courses, as well as through worldwide study groups and city based centers. The Kabbalah Centre has an international staff that offers training to its community of students. The Kabbalah Centre is not a for profit organization.

The Kabbalah Centre was established in 1965. Kabbalah is a school of thought that has its origins in Judaism. Kabbalah is a set of esoteric teachings that help explain the relationship between a mysterious infinity and the mortal and finite universe. Kabbalah is not a religious denomination. Kabbalah’s purpose is to define the nature of the universe and the human being and existence. Kabbalah also presents methods to try to attain a complete spirit.

Kabbalists seek to use Jewish sources to explain and demonstrate the teachings. The teachings are in Judaism to help explain the inner meaning of the Hebrew Bible and Rabbinic scriptures. Some kabbalists believes that the origins pre date some religions around the World. Most historians trace Kabbalah back to France and Spain.

The Kabbalah Centre’s strategy for teaching is to give students lessons with simple methods that do not acknowledge previous accounts of Hebrew text as mandatory for understanding. The Kabbalah Centre is seen as a supplement to all types of religion. All bible passages are seen as codes to life and are a part of universal laws that the Zohar unravel throughout history.

The Kabbalah Centre teaches the concept of Klippot. Everyone has a direct connection to the spiritual world. However, it is blocked by Klippot from entering the body. Klippot can be removed through meditation and the practice of Kabbalah teachings. The Kabbalah Centre also believes in astrology. There is a belief that astrology has ties to Judaism since it was founded.

According to Kabbalists, there are three different level of the soul. The Nefesh, which is linked to bodily cravings. The Ruach contains morality issues to help a person decide the difference between good and evil. Then there is the Neshamah, which allows a person to have awareness concerning God.

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