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Sapphire Engagement Rings Have Become Increasingly Popular

An engagement ring is a promise to marry. Men buy women rings in order to indicate they will get married at some point in the future. While diamonds have traditionally been popular for engagement rings along with pearls, today’s couples are looking for something special and a little bit different. With that in mind, many couples today are choosing to consider sapphire engagement rings. Many couples have come to admire the stone as it is unique and lovely as well as offering something that can match a woman’s eyes or get paired with many shades of blue clothing she might wear.

The Princess Diana Sapphire

While sapphire rings have often been popular, perhaps the most famous sapphire engagement ring in the world was that of the late and much loved Princess Diana. When Prince Charles proposed to her, he let her pick from a huge tray of rings. The ring she choose from the royal jeweler was a large ring with a center sapphire stone. The stone is surrounded by various diamonds and set in a gold band. Diana wore it for much of her life, often showing off the magnificent stone to reporters and friends and family. After her tragic death in a car crash, the ring she choose passed to her heirs including her two sons.

A Proposal

Her eldest son, Prince William of Wales, eventually choose to propose to Miss Kate Middleton. Rather than purchasing a new ring, William opted to give his intended bride the ring he had inherited from his mother as a symbol of his love for her and a present of a sort from his late mom. Today, the Duchess of Cambridge proudly wears the ring on her hand as a living reminder of her husband’s mother and the love she felt for her son. The beautiful ring is likely to be passed on to her own children as her son Prince George or daughter Princess Charlotte grows up and chooses to use it.

A Great Choice

Sapphires make a great choice for engagement rings. Like diamonds, many sapphires sparkle and have impressive color. Sapphires also work well with other materials including gold and platinum. The stone is durable and will hold up over many years as it stays on the wearer’s fingers. Sapphires can also be easily cleaned, making it easy for a woman to drop off the stone at her local jeweler and then pick it up again. Sapphires can also be stored well and will remain in good condition over many years in a woman’s jewelry box.