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The Comey Memos Have Been Released

Former Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey has released the many memos between him and President Donald Trump. The memos detail early on in the Trump Presidency how frustrated President Trump was with him being targeted by an investigation into Russian collusion of interference to the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Trump is quoted in the memos of having frustration that he was trying to run the country and the investigation of collusion was interfering with his efforts to be involved.

One of the memos released this Thursday, April 19, 2018, was a detailed conversation Comey had with President elect Trump at Trump Towers. The detailed memo states Comey discussed that Russia has named President Trump with several prostitutes in Moscow as early as 2013. Comey recalls writing the memo as soon as he checked out of the meeting with the President elect Donald Trump. Trump was worried about all the women who had accused him of touching them inappropriately. Comey came to the conclusion during the meeting that Trump was trying to defend his actions and defend himself on a personal level.

In another of James Comey’s memos the President and Comey had an eighty minute dinner at the White House. The President insisted he needed loyalty from all his staff. Comey insists he would give his loyalty and honesty and respect for respect of his position as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He was to be loyal to the American people first and foremost. His position insisted on his obtaining truth for the American people.

In a third detailed memo, Comey talks of meeting with President Trump where Trump includes the prostitutes. President Trump has much concern over this rubbish story that he entertained prostitutes in what is known as ‘The Golden Shower.’ He is most concerned his wife will have to believe that any of it is true.

Comey memos are just some of the information from the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation is releasing as part of his tell all book. There is no immediate date for the release of Comey’s tells all book on the investigation into President Donald Trump and the Russian collusion scandal. In his book Comey will also mention various other scandals that rocked his leadership with the FBI.