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Shervin Pishevar On The State Of The Economy

The person who is afraid to hear opinions that differ greatly from their own ought to avoid listening to Shervin Pishevar. He is the kind of individual who is not afraid to say what he thinks about almost anything that comes to mind for him. One of the ways that he does this in the modern age is by using his Twitter account to spread messages about how he feels on a variety of economic issues.

Shervin Pishevar recently went on Twitter to discuss the ideas that he has regarding the stock market, Bitcoin, the Trump Administration, and more. He held back no punches as he went after each of those things in a variety of unique ways.

One of the things that Shervin Pishevar wanted to talk about was how he feels that the stock market is cruising to levels that are far too high for what their real value is. He believes that people have gotten carried away with their optimism about the stocks that they hold in general. He thinks that while it is a good thing to be positive when times are good, there is a danger in getting overly optimistic in ways that cause you to pay too much for something. It happens all the time though.

Another area of economics that Shervin Pishevar had no trouble stepping all over is Bitcoin. He just simply felt that Bitcoin is also overpriced in ways that people are not really recognizing. He thinks that the currency has some value to it, but he believes that the value is limited at the moment and that the price is far too high. This investment does not become worthwhile for a period of time in his view.

All of these thoughts and so many more were spelled out on Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter account during his recent tweet storm. You can find all fifty tweets that spanned for twenty-one hours or so on his Twitter account for your browsing pleasure whenever the desire strikes you. Make sure to take your time to absorb all that he is trying to tell you through the post. It is highly interesting material.

Making Energy Supply A Philanthropic Art

The Life Of Energy

Energy has a life of its own, but it doesn’t get used and can’t work for you if you don’t access it. There’s a large store of energy to use through Stream Energy. The stream you need access to comes about because of a modern civilization. This society is growing faster now that it has technology doing so much work.

None of the work you do or that gets done in your city is possible without energy. Energy moves thoughts, completes projects and keeps your home heated with access to light at night. What you haven’t considered yet was how much more effective you become when energy is made into one output.

The Distance Left To Go

You have a long way to go if you haven’t found one service provider to send over every power source you need. Keeping it all on one bill will keep your free time open also. The distance society has traveled forces energy providers to consider the potentials of only one source of energy.

Market prices have already met competitive levels due to the consolidation of firms like Stream Energy. How far you are from these advances is not a major obstacle. Stream Energy provides simple registration and a clear overview of the services that are restructuring how life operates.

Here’s A Short Cut To The Life-Stream

The energy stream is a combination of power sources. Stream Energy is a competitive agency that has comprised your daily energy consumption into negotiable terms. There’s a faster service, a more coherent customer rep and a simpler way to use energy.

The energy revolution is defined by the consolidation of gas, electricity, wireless services and medical dispatches. These sources are available though Stream Energy and the major breakthroughs it brings to energy consumption. Consume your power through Stream Energy, and manage your power through one provider.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports investments to create more PPPs

Felipe Montoro Jens, reports the plans of the Brazilian government to invest R $ 44 billion into the country. This investment will be in the form of 57 projects over 22 sectors. The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), who is responsible for relationship building between the private and public sectors will be responsible for these investment to ensure it used to create public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens has reported of the 57 project investment there are plans for major roadwork construction. Felipe Montoro Jens reported the highways BR 153 and BR 364 are included to have major roadwork completed. BR 153 is the highway that connects Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO) The highway that connects Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO) is BR 364. Combined BR 153 and BR 364, account for well over 800 kilometers. Felipe Montoro Jens got a list ports to be included in this investments. Felipe Montoro Jens listed Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) are all scheduled to auctioned to the private sector during the last three months of 2018. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The December 2004 Federal Law 11,079 / 04 was passed, and it is what the Brazilian government uses to define the rules and regulations regarding public private partnerships. The Law makes a standardized system the country can use, and should make it easier to form public private partnerships, since the law eliminates any gray or unclear areas.

Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, and the 7th largest in the world. Brazil has had serious economic and political issues over past years, and as a result the deficit has skyrocketed and has overall made the economic climate not ideal for growth. Public private partnerships can be an effective tool to help reduce deficit, create jobs and complete traditionally expensive projects. Public private partnerships create an environment to allow the public and private sectors to leverage each other’s respective advantages. Visit:


GoBuySide Brings Financial Industry Recruiting Into The 21st Century

GoBuySide is leveraging the technology and trends of the times to better serve their clients by providing them modern thinking strategies when performing executive searches and talent recruitment for their companies. The New York City based company provides talent recruiting for the finance industry and understands that decentralization has become prominent within the finance industry.

Statistics show that in 2015 24% of all employees did all or some of their work from home and the trend is on the upswing. No longer is it necessary for an employee to live near their prospective employer in order to be considered a candidate. This benefits both employee and employer giving them both much broader options to choose from when going through the hiring process. Employees are able to find the best companies to work for and GoBuySide is abe to provide employers the opportunity to select from a larger pool of qualified applicants because of this. Learn more about GoBuyside at Crunchbase.

This allows GoBuySide to reach beyond geographical boundaries and gather applications from candidates that exceed expectations who otherwise would not have been accessible because of locale. This national reach automatically draws many more applications but it is their unique screening process that is turning out exceptional new candidates for their clients.

The recruiting company is also using modern technology to the benefit of its clients in several other ways as well. By aggregating social media profiles from sites like Facebook and Linkedin the employer can now gather real time data based on their needs and interests before deciding whether to invest any hiring resources into the candidate. Instead of waiting for resumes and profiles to come to them, GoBuySide allows the company to go out and get what they’re looking for. Read more blogs at

The GoBuySide platform also provides job boards for part time or short term hiring needs while also providing applicants with a direct to employer path eliminating the need for head hunters and provides them with a full access to data points about the companies they are applying for allowing a better match for both company and employee to be determined ahead of time eliminating a lot of wasted resume submissions for both parties.

GoBuySide works with Fortune 500 companies, investment managers, advisory platforms, hedge funds and private equity firms bringing them all a state of the art 21st century approach to recruiting and hiring the best talent available in the financial industry with a modern approach that is leaving old hiring methods behind.


Igor Cornelsen – Advice For Investing In A Foreign Market

When investing in a foreign country, there are things you need to know, understand and expect. The economy in Brazil is starting to see positive gains and the economic upheaval they’ve been experiencing is ending. Igor Cornelsen is one who has waited for this day, and he is starting to reap the benefits. He wants you to know that there are unique issues to learn about before spending money and avoiding pitfalls, as well as helpful strategies to gain the most personally, without a lot of risk.

The following are some tips he wants you to know:

  1. Get Familiar With Currency Restrictions – The currency controls are very strict, and there are numerous exchange rates that could be to your advantage. If you are not a resident or local business, you need an authorized bank to exchange. This is why researching the currency laws is very crucial.
  2. Connect With the Brazilian People – Igor Cornelsen says that it should be quite easy to network and connect with natives, because there are many entrepreneurs and business-oriented people who live in Brazil. The self-starters in business make up twenty-five percent of Brazilians between the ages of eighteen and sixty-four. They welcome and love to talk to people from other countries, so new ideas can be presented.
  3. Prepare for Red Tape – The markets are getting bigger, but the regulations in Brazil are overwhelming, so the red tape you may have to go through may make it difficult to start a business. To be able to deal with unavoidable regulations and avoid the ones you may be able to, it is important to know the regulations ahead of time.

Mr. Cornelsen has a lot of knowledge about investing in the Brazilian market and loves the excitement in Brazil, that is a part of their lives. His investment firm helps foreign investors invest in Brazilian markets by using his strategies, that work! By connecting with the Brazilians, they know when the market changes and ways for you to make you investment profitable. To avoid investments that could become a nightmare, you need to be informed about high taxes, unreasonable regulations, a restrictive labor market and the foreign currency restrictions. Having an authorized bank that deals with foreign exchange and currency restrictions is necessary. There are rules about exchange rates; therefore, not knowing about exchange rates or receiving the wrong one could be detrimental to your investments.

Igor Cornelsen says “there is no such thing as free money in Brazil”, but you have the potential to make money on your investments. He stresses the importance of doing research and following his advice to reap the benefits of your investments.

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Agora Financial: ‘Money Maker’

Agora Financial is a business that agrees that preparing for retirement can be complicated. Agora Financial acknowledges the numerous ways available for retirees to create an actual income during their retirement years. This is significant to general financial planning since inflation can, in theory, reduce the overall value of normal savings accounts over the passage of time.

The staff at Agora Financial, assist their clientele select investment options that will facilitate the amassing of wealth. AF experts know they must collaborate with people in order to come up with “custom investment strategies” derived from individual needs and figure out such specifics as risk, liquidity of assets, and timing of returns. The Agora Financial team can also assist their investment customers to protect their wealth from an all-too-often unstable economy.

Agora Financial employs its acquired knowledge to help investors avoid such economic issues as economic recessions during their retirement. The AF team offers their clientele numerous multimedia resources as well. Their firm has been providing their customer base with products and services for over 10 years.

The company is not a group of commission-hungry brokers. The firm is a team of people from different industries and backgrounds. Currently, the investment firm features individuals from media organizations, government agencies, and even Harvard University.

They have compiled info from journalists, geologists, filmmakers, economists, and additional specialists to confidently prognosticate market trends. The Agora Financial staff has a current, unique approach to research too. Instead of simply focusing on databases for data regarding statistical trends, their experienced financial analysts personally conduct real street-level research and physically visit various markets around the world so that they can fully comprehend financial trends in the world economy. Agora Financial always remembers that their customers know that investors must discover up-and-coming companies that the media has not yet come across so that significant returns may be earned.

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Igor Cornelsen’s Tips for Investing in a Growing Foreign Market

Many investors are coming back to Brazil as its financial sector is experiencing a lot of positive growth. There is no more economic turmoil in the country, the economy is stabilizing and giving positive results, and partners like China have resumed production.

Nonetheless, for foreign investors, there are critical points that must be noted if at all there are benefits to be enjoyed from the investments. Igor Cornelsen, one of the most prominent investors in Brazil, understands the country’s economy in and out. He owns an investment firm which he uses to assist foreign investors in making it through Brazil’s unforgiving economy. Below are some of the tips and advice Igor Cornelsen has for investors who are looking to reap from the Brazilian economic boom.

Connecting with Locals

Brazil has a vast population, consisting of entrepreneurs and people from all other walks of life. Even so, networking has always played a large part in the success of most businesses there. Furthermore, an estimated 25% of the entrepreneurs in the country prefer starting their businesses. It is therefore easy to associate with them, as they are also friendly. Locals also understand the market better and can easily foresee impending changes, making their advice worth their weight in gold.

Red Tape Preparedness

For some time now Brazilian authorities have been known for setting sometimes unrealistic regulations. In regards to the country coming from a tough economic period, foreign investors should expect various red tapes in their way. The best you can do is take time to research, read, and understand all the regulations, which will help you avoid landing on the wrong side of the law and eventually being blocked from making further investments.

Understand Currency Limitations

Reading currency laws will make you aware of Brazil’s tight currency control system. The country demands that any foreigners use accredited financial institutions for currency exchange. Also, keep in mind that different transactions come with differing exchange rates, and understanding them puts you at a real advantage. Though there is a set commercial rate, Brazil’s Central Bank has the power to change it when necessary.

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Agora Financial, Roadmap to a Well-Funded Retirement

Leaving the workforce and going into retirement is a joyful transition. Time is no longer your master. The constraints of a lifetime are behind you and the future is transformed by the exhilarating prospect of freedom. The savings you put aside are now the tools you will use to increase your prosperity. Knowing how to invest them to the best effect is crucial.

There are good ways to multiply your assets. You have to look closely. Hidden beneath the numerous scams and profitless vehicles designed to empty your pockets are true gems. Unless you know what you’re doing, you’ll miss them. That’s where Agora Financial comes in.

Imagine assembling a Dream Team to help you avoid the pitfalls and point you in the right direction. You would draw your members from a variety of disciplines. All would be at the top of their fields. Next, you would send them to the far corners of the earth to search for opportunities best suited to increasing and protecting your wealth. That team is already assembled and currently providing valuable resources to over a million people just like you.

Agora Financial conducts the best research available today and publishes it through a variety of outlets including newsletters, books, web pages, documentaries, and seminars. They analyze the markets. They forecast the good and give warnings if bad trends are spotted. They specialize in new ideas without ignoring the old ones. In short, they are an unbiased source of priceless knowledge.

True success comes from studying the best options. Agora’s publications give you a firm grounding in all you need to know to make your retirement well deserved and rewarding chapter in your life.

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Cássio Audi Has A Rock & Roll Root

Cássio Audi began a career in music, and he soon became famous throughout Brazil for being the drummer of a band named Viper, which he played for during the mid and late 80’s. The band currently still has some of its original formation, of which Audi was a member. Viper first became an official band in 1985 with its two demo songs: Projeto SP Metal and The Killera Sword. The original members of the band were André Matos as lead singer, Pit Passarell on the bass guitar, Felipe Machado and Yves Passarem on the electric guitars, and Cassio Audi on the drums.

Viper’s first big hit was the album: “Soldiers of Sunrise”. This album still is regarded as one of the best heavy metal records that were ever produced in Brazil.

In 1987, Viper added a new member: Junior Andrade on the keyboard. Andrade’s influence on the band made it more melodic and less metal. Many Viper fans feel that his touch made the band not classify as an authentic heavy metal band. Some fans feel that Cássio Audi might have left Viper because of this situation and started an entirely new and different corporate career. Viper currently plays with Pit Passarell on the bass guitar, vocals and backing vocals, Leandro Caçoilo on vocals, Felipe Machado on the electric guitar, Hugo Mariutti on the electric guitar, and Guilherme Martins on the drums who originally replaced Cássio Audi.

Nowadays, Cássio Audi is a famous and successful investment manager. He has also been the CFO and CEO for a number of multinational companies as well as Brazilian companies.

Cássio Audi holds a BA from Pontifícia Universidade Católica of São Paulo as well as an MBA from Universidade de São Paulo. Audi opted to work as an investment manager so that he can help others with financial advice. Cássio Audi gives assistance to enterprises and individuals so that they can make safe investments as well as helping them to avoid fraudulent schemes and protect their investments.

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Highland Capital Management- Alternative for Non-Traditional Investors

The company was established in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada. The headquarters of Highland Capital Management LP are in Dallas, Texas. It also has offices in New York City, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and Seoul. Highland has a retail branch, Highland Capital Management Fund Advisors, that offers investment advising to clients. About $15.4 billion in assets are managed by Highland Capital. Read more at

Some of Highland’s specialties are credit strategy (i.e. credit hedge funds) and collatarized loan obligations (CLOs).The other strategies of Highland Capital are leveraged loans, high yield bonds, market-linked investments and distressed credit. There are four types of equity offered: long, short, public, and private. Alternative investments (i.e. natural resources) are another product of Highland Capital.

The company is a leader in global alternative credit management. Community involvement is important for Highland Capital because it is committed to volunteering, providing donations to local and national organizations, and participating in advisory board participation. For 12 years, over $10 million has been donated by Highland to companies across the globe.


Highland Alternative Investors is a subdivision of Highland Capital Management. The chief investment officer (CIO) of this subdivision is Michael Gregory. He chose energy stocks for the Small Cap Equity Fund, which helped triple the S&P 500 Index in 2016. A 32% return on investment was generated by these stocks. The motivation between the investment in energy stocks is the “credit competency” of Highland Capital. The asset value of the small fund is nearly $55 million. Gregory along with James Dondero manage the Small Cap Equity Fund.

As of December 31, 2006, the Highland Small Cap Equity Fund had the following sector allocations: 25 percent for healthcare, 16 percent for energy MLP, 11 percent for consumer discretionary, 10 percent for financials, and 9 percent for real estate. GE Asset Management sold the Small Cap Equity Fund to investors at Highland Capital in 2010. The expenses of the fund are higher than average. There are three share classes for the Small Cap Equity Fund: Class A, Class C, and Class Y. This fund has been given a 4-star rating from Morningstar. Read this article at