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Paul Mampilly Says Amazon’s Move Into Healthcare Shouldn’t Cause Too Much Panic In The Markets Just Yet

President Trump isn’t the only one who’s expressed his displeasure with the e-commerce giant Amazon. Other retailers and IT businesses have also had to fight against its fierce competition, and now healthcare companies and pharmaceutical firms have also had their stocks take hits from Amazon’s new plan to roll into healthcare. Paul Mampilly, a self-made stock expert who once won the Templeton Foundation stock competition has said that while Amazon certainly will bring changes to healthcare, it won’t be the end of all businesses like we know them. Follow Paul on Facebook.

Paul Mampilly cited examples of how Amazon bought Whole Foods and setup a system that was supposedly going to put an end to grocery stores as we know them. But even though some supermarket chains experienced stocks falling, Amazon didn’t quite take over that industry as hard as thoroughly as they were supposed to, and many of those supermarkets saw their stocks go back up in recent days. Amazon was also supposed to take over the live streaming platform that organizations like Hulu and Netflix have held for a number of years, and while their video-on-demand and live stream service certainly is strong, Netflix and Hulu are also neck-in-neck with them. Mampilly believes that some companies like Walgreens and CVS may feel the bump, but they can still match Amazon and may not go away entirely like some are predicting. Follow Paul on

Paul Mampilly gives advice about buying the right kind of stocks at Banyan Hill Publishing where he writes both free articles and premium newsletters. He made his way to his current gig through years as a bank manager and eventually an executive at a hedge fund. This hedge fund, Kinetics International Fund had over $25 billion in client accounts that Mampilly was responsible for investing, and Barron’s magazine cited Mampilly’s acumen and ability to make investment decisions that led to those funds gaining over 26% in annual interest. While he did learn a lot from his time as a professional advisor, Mampilly wasn’t too happy with the life he was leading while in that career.

Paul Mampilly retired in 2012 and decided it was time to have a better way of making money while still being able to enjoy life and spend time with his family while his children were still young. Joining Banyan Hill and starting newsletters like “Profits Unlimited” also allowed him to connect with people who most Wall Street firms and big banks didn’t allow inside, and he could show them how to get started opening portfolios and buying affordable but good stocks. He gained over 60,000 regular readers in less than a month and most of them have loved his newsletters because they’re easy to follow, provide videos that give insight’s into his own portfolio and have given real advice in a hands-off approach that delivers positive results.