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Independent Investment Management and the Case of Matthew Autterson

Independent investment management is basically a generic term which is in most cases used when referring to buying and selling various types of investments with a portfolio. Investment management also entails banking and taxes as well as budget duties. Many a time the term is used in reference to portfolio management and securities trading with the aim of achieving specified investment objective.

Ideally, independent investment management involves the professional management of the various securities like shares and bonds as well as other assets including real estate so as to meet the specific investment objectives for investor benefit. These investors could be institutions like insurance companies, charities, and corporations or private investors. This is always directly by investment contract and through collective investment schemes like mutual or investment-traded funds.

Some of the top investment management firms like Vanguard and BlackRock have a reason as to why they are more successful in this field as compared to the other less successful firms. The reason behind their success is that they advocate for literarily owning every company to reduce the incentives as a way of influencing the management teams. This strategy allows the investment manager to develop a closer and more honest relationship with the management team of the company so that they can make better investment decisions.

Investment Management Services of Matthew Autterson

One of the most successful independent investment management is Matthew Autterson. Matthew Autterson is an investment management professional who is based in Denver, Colorado. He is dedicated to helping his clients to align the investments strategies that they have with the most promising financial goals.

Matthew Autterson assists the clients in the identification of suitable risk profiles for their investment portfolio and provides periodic consultations aimed at ensuring that the clients remain disciplined even if they are facing challenges in the market. Matthew Autterson also offers advice to his clients in regards to estate planning and tax issues.