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Igor Cornelsen’s Tips for Investing in a Growing Foreign Market

Many investors are coming back to Brazil as its financial sector is experiencing a lot of positive growth. There is no more economic turmoil in the country, the economy is stabilizing and giving positive results, and partners like China have resumed production.

Nonetheless, for foreign investors, there are critical points that must be noted if at all there are benefits to be enjoyed from the investments. Igor Cornelsen, one of the most prominent investors in Brazil, understands the country’s economy in and out. He owns an investment firm which he uses to assist foreign investors in making it through Brazil’s unforgiving economy. Below are some of the tips and advice Igor Cornelsen has for investors who are looking to reap from the Brazilian economic boom.

Connecting with Locals

Brazil has a vast population, consisting of entrepreneurs and people from all other walks of life. Even so, networking has always played a large part in the success of most businesses there. Furthermore, an estimated 25% of the entrepreneurs in the country prefer starting their businesses. It is therefore easy to associate with them, as they are also friendly. Locals also understand the market better and can easily foresee impending changes, making their advice worth their weight in gold.

Red Tape Preparedness

For some time now Brazilian authorities have been known for setting sometimes unrealistic regulations. In regards to the country coming from a tough economic period, foreign investors should expect various red tapes in their way. The best you can do is take time to research, read, and understand all the regulations, which will help you avoid landing on the wrong side of the law and eventually being blocked from making further investments.

Understand Currency Limitations

Reading currency laws will make you aware of Brazil’s tight currency control system. The country demands that any foreigners use accredited financial institutions for currency exchange. Also, keep in mind that different transactions come with differing exchange rates, and understanding them puts you at a real advantage. Though there is a set commercial rate, Brazil’s Central Bank has the power to change it when necessary.

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Investment Advice from Igor Cornelsen

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor. Igor Cornelsen is the proprietor of Bainbridge Inv Inc. He has also worked in top positions at several banks in Brazil. He is very knowledgeable about investments on commodities and companies following his adverse experience in the field. He has used his experience to guide many investors in making long term investments that are rewarding. For example, there are stocks that one can purchase at a cheap price and are guaranteed to make profit. He also offers advice to firms that are facing financial distress on the best exit strategies to implement.

Igor Cornelsen is an investment banker and has managed some of the largest banking institutions of the world. Igor advises people against investing in damaged companies and his investment tips are often featured in popular publications in the U.S like He joined Bainbridge Group in 2011, the company is located in Bahamas. Igor’s vision for Bainbridge is to come up with creative ways of investing in the stock market for future gains.

Bainbridge Group offers investment advice in the foreign exchange market. Under Cornelsen’s leadership, the firm has earned a good reputation and trust for providing expert investment advice. Investment decisions can be overwhelming and is also risky and difficult. If one does not clearly understand the market, they are likely to make wrong investment decisions that result in losses.

It is important to understand how each investment vehicle works. Another important factor to take note of is that risks cannot be eliminated but they can be reduced. Investors must constantly remind themselves that the purpose of investment is to make money and that losing it is not an option. Therefore, if an investment is costing too much but not bringing in returns, one should pull out immediately. Another important advice that Cornelsen offers investors is the essence of time. This is one of the most critical elements of all investments. There is no right time for investment, instead, one should invest as soon as possible. Bainbridge Group also reminds investors to diversify their portfolios as much as possible. This will improve their ability to earn more revenue from different sources.