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Igor Cornelsen: A legend In Brazilian Investment Circles

Igor Cornelsen is a highly-respected, internationally-known Brazilian investment advisor. He has earned a reputation as the person to see when you want to invest in Brazil. The country has vast natural resources and a growing number of companies that are doing exceptionally well and making their mark on the world stage. But it is notoriously difficult to successfully invest in Brazil unless you receive guidance from someone like Cornelsen. He has decades of experience navigating Brazil’s often complex stock markets and a practiced and well-documented eye for picking winners.


Among Brazilians it is often said Igor Cornelsen knows all there is to know about investing in Brazil. He has not only provided valuable guidance and advice for local investors, he has also been able to help numerous foreigners to become wealthy investing in Brazil. Part of the reason for his success is his experience with and understanding of the local laws and the vagaries of the local economy. That is something he has cultivated over his many years helping companies in Brazil to succeed. It has enabled him to develop investment strategies that are almost infallible.


Another reason Cornelsen is so well-respected in Brazilian investment circles is because of the experience he has had while employed there. Cornelsen has been employed in leadership roles in some of Brazil’s largest and most successful companies. He has also worked for a number of the country’s most influential banks. This has given him insight into the country’s financial and economic systems that few if any are able to match. Cornelsen has used the knowledge he has gained over the years to help investors identify safe companies in which to invest and the perfect time at which to invest in them.


These days Igor Cornelsen is semi-retired. He spends a great deal of his time playing golf in South Florida. Yet he still finds time to offer guidance and advice to people interested in investing in Brazil. He has even famously provided investment advice to the fast-food giant Burger King. He currently works with private citizens interested in making investments in stocks, commodities and foreign exchange through the Bainbridge Group Incorporated, an investment firm based in Colorado of which he is a principal. People that have had the opportunity to work with Cornelsen rave about the unique insight, tips and brilliant advice he offers and the lucrative investments to which he has guided them.