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Investment Guru, Matt Badiali Says These Prospects Are Hot Right Now

Expert geologist and investment strategist, Matt Badiali says transformations brought about by the growth of automobiles and technological automation have pushed the need for natural resources into overdrive. Badiali predicts the prospects for commodities are beyond what we initially thought.

Agriculture was the heart of the commodity market in the 18th century, steel and coal were during the subsequent industrial revolution, and oil reigned supreme in the last century, but Badiali enthusiastically points out that we are now in a key moment for a new generation of commodities, driven by technologies. These commodities, he continued, includes lithium, cobalt, and platinum – all essential for the production of batteries, which also recorded price increases. View Matt’s profile on Linkedin.

The outlook also highlights an aspect often overlooked. According to Matt Badiali, the spread of automatic vehicles will have the effect of increasing the demand for metals. Copper, silver and gold have countless applications in the electronics and electrical components of these vehicles. The fact that future car fleets will be increasingly autonomous and dependent on technology should lead to an increase in conductive metals as a result.

Matt Badiali also predicts that the automation revolution will lead to greater interest in rare earth elements like praseodymium and yttrium. Perhaps the most interesting of these new generations of commodities are also the less familiar ones. Despite being little known to most people, this group of elements has become fundamental for the production of modern technologies used in many sectors like airplane engines, camera lenses, and for better fuel efficiency. Badiali says rare earth elements are also becoming more prevalent in fundamental tools in our daily lives such as electronics and mobile devices. Follow Matt on

With the growth of the global middle class and automation, a plethora of materials, with names often difficult to pronounce will continue to play an increasingly central role in our modern standards of living. Badiali points out that in the last five years, the market prices for rare earth elements have risen by 50 percent, and the positive trend in prices has affected all the rare earths. Badiali says the highest demands for these elements are coming.

Resident mining, natural resources, and agricultural expert, Matt Badiali uses his expertise to offer the best advice and opportunities for investing in natural resources industry. Badiali formerly worked for Lemenze Environmental Drilling Company, performing site visits and sampling, and draws upon his first-hand knowledge of the industry.

During his career, he’s investigated, analyzed and written editorial content concerning investing, and finance, and in 2005, Badiali conceived and created the Stansberry Resource Report, which focuses on investing in the natural resource industry. More recently, he developed The Real Wealth Strategist, published by Banyan Hill Publishing.


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