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Why White Shark Media Has Become One of The Fastest Growing Companies in North America

The CEO and co-founder of White Shark Media, Gary Garth, recently sat down with reporters from Fox Business News to discuss his company’s rapid growth and recent recognition as the fifth fastest growing company in North America. The executive attributed the company’s swift growth to several factors, including White Shark Media’s commitment to excellent customer service, eagerness to change established company practices for the benefit of clients, and expertise in marketing development strategies. Garth relayed the White Shark Media team’s excitement that the marketing agency is finally receiving such positive recognition and stated that the company’s executives are eager to continue with the work involved in growing a company.


Excellent Customer Service

Garth discussed the company’s policy regarding customer service and how this policy lead to exponential growth. The White Shark Media customer service policy requires that employees always seek to improve the customer experience. At the conclusion of each customer interaction, White Shark Media employees are encouraged to conduct an informal survey in an effort to gain feedback from clients. Through the use of these surveys, top level executives have been able to quickly find and eliminate problems between clients and White Shark Media customer service representatives. Since the implementation of the customer service policy, White Shark Media has become is now known for its excellent service standard.


Eagerness To Change Established Company Practices For Clients’ Benefit

Gary Garth also discussed White Shark Media’s policy regarding program changes. Garth explained that the executives at White Shark Media value customer experience over regulative policies. The company’s values make it an ever-changing machine that is always seeking to provide new and innovative services. White Shark Media has become known as a marketing agency that is not afraid to take risks to achieve a desired end. The company frequently changes policies and marketing programs if they interfere with the development of successful marketing campaigns.


Marketing Expertise

Lastly, Gary Garth discussed the role that White Shark Media’s marketing expertise plays in the growth of the company. Garth stated that the agency employs the same marketing strategies that it uses during the development of client advertising campaigns that it employs during advertising campaigns for White Shark Media. The company’s excellent marketing strategy has caused the agency to triple its growth in less than two years. Garth stated that White Shark Media executives are working to develop innovative strategies in an effort to continue the company’s rapid growth rate.