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The Great Milestones of Talos Energy

In a bid to try and improve service delivery for government projects, the involvement of private and foreign competitors is welcome as this improves accountability. This is what happened when foreign companies were allowed to drill oil in the Mexican waters, a move that is seen to improve the efficiency at which this project is accomplished. This sinking of an offshore oil well was awarded the companies Premier Oil Plc which is London based, Houston’s Talos Energy LLC as well as Sierra Oil and Gas which is Mexican. This is indeed historic bearing in mind that the country has only launched previous offshore explorations through the state-run Petroleos Mexicanos which is a monopoly. The structure of the oil well basin is seen to give the project a geological advantage and thereby a great chance of success.

Talos Energy is a reputable oil production company that has definitely made a mark in the industry as a serious player. The company’s Chief executive is none other than the highly motivated Duncan, who has a great vision for this oil company. Duncan believes in harnessing the power of his employees in realizing their ultimate goal which is to grow the company. He has created a conducive environment for the staff of Talos Energy to feel comfortable and only concentrate on trying to bring on board ideas that will thrust the company ahead.

The great employer employee relationship at Talos Energy saw the company be awarded by WorkplaceDynamics as the best workplace for anyone to be among the many local businesses. Duncan has definitely worked very hard at Talos to be at the position he holds, especially considering he rose from a position of reservoir engineer manager at the Gryphon Exploration.

Duncan, the CEO of Talos notes that during his life at the company, his bosses had always listened to his ideas, which was a great motivation for his success. Thereby enabling him to see the benefits of listening to employees and showing them that their ideas matter, which he has practiced as the ultimate boss of Talos Energy. He is definitely a great admiration of many who would learn one or two things about great management.

Andrew Rolfe: A Right Choice For Ubuntu Education Fund

Jacob Lief, CEO, and founder of Ubuntu Education Fund, after arranging a huge amount in an annual gathering at Davos, still feels like they are getting funds but they are not able to change the lives of peopled. Jacob created a company Ubuntu Education Fund (UEF) with a vision that it will help kids from Cape Province for their education and their bright future.


He has recently hired Andrew Rolfe as a Chairman and Andrew is now working beside Jacob in Ubuntu Education Fund to help him for his noble cause. Andrew Rolfe is working hard to improve the social welfare, health care and the education problems in Cape Town. Andrew Rolfe has very inspiring credentials which made him ideal selection to work beside, Jacob Lief, a man with a noble cause


Jacob with the assistance of Andrew Rolfe is always looking for a helping hand, but he always prefers hand from a philanthropist who has faith in him and his company. He refused for the funds that come with a limitation and that rejections show that he is true to his cause and he wants kids for their education without any education.


Serving on a board of a non-profit firm also let donors have a watch on the operations of a non-profit. That can often be helpful, particularly if a donor has appropriate professional experience. Because in such case he can help that non-profit to work more efficiently and reach the area where it could not be due to the lack of professional knowledge.


Even if a donor become personally involved or don’t join the board in shaping the strategy of an organization, the terms of a grant can also make restrictions about how non-profits use the money. Donors who are rich usually like helping for a particular project, setting up scholarship funds or making gifts for buildings which can carry their names. But Andrew never thought of the name. He always worked for a noble cause no matter if he would be the name for that achievement. He is happy with a feeling that he is working for his cause and someone, somewhere is getting an education because of Ubuntu Education Fund.