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IAP Worldwide Services Can Always Be Counted On

IAP Worldwide Services is a powerhouse organization that provides many different services to communities and companies around the world. It has a long-standing relationship with the U.S federal government and its Armed Forces. IAP has been called on in times of emergency and national disaster. The company specializes in many technical areas. These include logistics, engineering, medical assistance and staffing. The versatility of IAP allows the corporation to be involved in every element of emergency response. It remains proactive in the development of communities around the world. Their capabilities are limitless, and the company prides itself on being able to adapt to any environment or situation.

IAP Worldwide Services
IAP began in a working relationship with the United States Army. It was brought in to provide generator support for the Army during the first Gulf War. Over time the company’s abilities diversified. The Army began to rely on IAP for many different services including training and instructional development. It signed a 53 million dollar contract with the United States Army to provide logistics support and project manager training at Fort Hood Texas.
IAP secured a 900 million dollar contract with the United States Navy. The contract was awarded due to a long-standing operating balance between the United States Armed forces and IAP Worldwide Services.
Hiring former the United States military servicemen and women is a priority with IAP. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services on There are provisions in place to make the transition as easy as possible for former active duty soldiers and sailors to transition into a civilian occupation that fits well. There are programs in place to help the service person identify a compatible position within the company and prepare themselves for a career outside of the military. The ability to recruit members of the Armed Forces helps IAP understand the needs of the country’s front lines.

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IAP Worldwide Services was founded in Irmo, South Carolina. The company has numerous government contracts. It has also acquired other companies to expand its reach, and ability to provide support around the world. The organization has over 1,600 employees and operates in over 20 different countries. 110 locations allow IAP to make an impact on 175,000 personnel on military bases in the US and international lands. It provides the most advanced healthcare to its employees and others who are in need. Disaster relief is a primary objective of the company’s overall mission. They have always answered the call when those in need have reached out.

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