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Tampa Likely to be Impacted by Tropical Storms

Like other cities across the State of Florida, Tampa is very familiar with hurricanes and other tropical storms. While the tropical storm season typically starts a little bit later than late August, it now appears that the city should be bracing for a couple big storms coming their way. A recent news article ( discussed a couple storms that are in the Tampa area.

The first storm that his heading toward Tampa and the rest of Florida is Hurricane Gaston, which originally was formed and recognized as a Hurricane off of the Florida Gulf Coast. The storm was coming into the area of Florida very strong, but recently was downgraded. On Wednesday evening, the storm was officially downgraded and lost its major storm status. The storm initially was measured to have winds as high as 105 miles per hour, which makes it a category 2 storm. However, the relatively slow speed of the storm led to the storm to slow down in speed and it is now not considered as much of a concern.

The other storm that is concerning people is Tropical Storm Hermine. This storm, which was also formed near Florida, is currently located about 330 miles away from Tampa, but is heading directly towards the city. The storm currently has winds as high as 50 miles per hour, but is moving pretty slowly towards the city at a rate of 8 miles per hour. The storm is expected to start to make landfall near Tampa at some point on Thursday or early Friday. At that point it is expected that the wind speeds will have reduced to a lower level. While it will not be too damaging, the storm could end up having some pretty negative impact on Labor Day weekend plans for people in Florida, Georgia, and the rest of the South Atlantic Coast.

The National Weather Service also has its high on two additional storms that still seem to be forming. These storms, which started well south of Florida have the potential to form into Hurricanes with damaging wind speeds.