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The Traveling Vineyard: The Ideal Home-Based Business For Couples

With the Traveling Vineyard, specially trained Wine Guides promote the company’s exclusive wines by arranging with nearby individuals to host a free wine tasting event in their home. People who enjoy meeting new friends and educating them on wines and wine and food pairings will find this an exciting opportunity to earn extra money simply by taking orders and letting the Traveling Vineyard fulfill them. Once a Wine Guide makes an in-person sale, he or she can refer people their website, provided by the Traveling Vineyard for a nominal monthly fee.

Not only do independent Wine Guides receive an engaging, personalized website, they have an online presence where they can recruit team members for additional income. Unlike other direct selling opportunities, the focus is on promoting the Traveling Vineyard’s wines and wine-related accessories, not recruiting others.

Learning the proper way to taste wine is an added bonus to becoming an independent Wine Guide for the Traveling Vineyard. The training is comprehensive, allowing Wine Guides to show others how to judge a wine’s body and bouquet, and why it is important to swirl the wine in the glass. In-home tasting attendees receive a lesson in wines and wine tasting; therefore, the host’s job is easier as there are plenty of individuals who would like to learn this information in a friendly, relaxed setting. Additionally, the Traveling Vineyard’s wines are affordable, so people tend to buy more than one bottle.

On Facebook, comments from the Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides appears to be primarily from women, and quite a few mention bringing their husband or boyfriend along to tastings. This should encourage more men to attend in-home events, since they know that they won’t be the only guy there. Finally, there is a home business opportunity that appeals to both sexes; it will dimply take time for more men to come on board as in-home demonstrations of products were generally limited to cosmetics, candles and other female-oriented products before now. As a home-based business for couples, the Traveling Vineyard is ideal. Few lucrative opportunities exist that both the husband and wife enjoy equally.

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