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The Highest Quality Food in the House Might Be for the Dog

The past few decades have seen dramatic changes in how people relate to food. For a long time it was seen as more of a convenience than anything. It was fuel to get things done, and to provide a bit of extra taste on top. But it was focused on convenience rather than the subtleties of gourmet life. But recent times have changed that viewpoint as the health effects of a poor diet have become more obvious. While that might be obvious, a recent story by the Daily Herald is pointing at the next stage in how we relate to food. Or, rather, it’s showing how the modern take on healthy and delicious organic meals is impacting what people feed their dogs. One of the hallmarks of this movement is the creation of foods which would, in many ways, be at home on a human’s plate. One example of this can even be found in a campaign called “he’ll have what you’re having”. One aspect of this campaign is foods which have flavors that are comparable to traditional human meals. Some of their flavors include lasagna and beef stroganoff. But while it’s only recently become known on Youtube to a lot of the public, dedication to high quality gourmet dog food is hardly new. A good example can be found in the high quality dog food brand Beneful. The quality of the brand is easy to see when compared to competitors. One of the defining traits of Beneful is that it’s made with real, high quality, organic ingredients. In fact it’s something that can even be seen simply by looking at either the wet or dry foods. One of the biggest reasons that Beneful chose to use such high quality ingredients has to do with health. As people have noticed in their own diets, high quality food tends to lead to high quality health. But in addition to that Beneful knew that there was more to food than vitamin content or simple flavors. That’s why Beneful’s dog food has a rich and complex combination of flavor. The different ingredients all complement each other in terms of both taste and texture. And the end result is something that dogs love.