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Wen By Chaz Proves To Be The Answer to Prayers

The best thing that can ever happen to any company in the midst of crisis is have someone in the media do a positive story about your brand. This is something that I have learned through the course of my career. I have learned that the best way to combat your reputation in the media is to fuel the media with positive stories to help get rid of some of the negative stuff out othere. It’s almost genius if you ask me. As a media person I’ve been taught first hand the importance of being able to manage the media by any means necessary. This is done through social media, Youtube video blogs and ads, and many other platforms.
Recently, Wen By Chaz suffered from a slight scandal and beauty blogger at Bustle by the name of Emily Mcclure decided to write an article about her first hand experience with Wen By Chaz. Her article was thought provoking and it actually showed an in depth analysis of what it was like for her to use Wen By Chaz. The product transformed her hair and actually helped renew my own personal trust in the product.

Wen By Chaz was created by Chaz Dean. It is a product that contains 5 products in one bottle it is an an answer to many prayers. It is available on Amazon.

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