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Talkspace: The New Way to Provide Mental Health Counseling

Struggles with mental illness are commonplace, with 20% of adults in the U.S. experiencing episodes each year. It is more common than developing cancer, heart disease or diabetes, however, there is still a stigma associated with the condition.

Therefore, Talkspace was created to address the problems associated with gaining access to mental health therapy. All one needs is an internet connection or the mobile app in order to connect with a therapist. Talkspace has over 2,000 licensed therapists who have expertise in many areas such as anxiety, addiction, and depression. This format allows for more confidentiality, affordability, and convenience.

Talkspace also has an online blog and a recent post discussed depression and exercise. The Talkspace therapist addressed the difficulties depressed people have being motivated to exercise. The author listed several problems that these people face.

Depressed people have low dopamine levels which make them feel tired and listless and consequently, uninterested in exercise. Another reason may be leaden paralysis which causes a person to feel like they can’t move. Some people experience social anxiety about exercising and others have difficulty with beginning a new routine. Some need the support of others to commit to this and may lack that support. Lastly, some feel hopeless about any effort they make.

Whatever the issue, Talkspace therapists are prepared to help. One client found this to be true when she signed up for Talkspace. She liked the fact that they found her a therapist based on her preferences. Also, she found it to be much more affordable at approximately $25 per week. Her therapist was immediately available many times via text, computer or iPhone app. She still has the app on her phone.

Not only do clients give Talkspace positive reviews, but, the majority of employees enjoy working for them. They list flexibility, company growth, and supportive colleagues as positives. Talkspace is a win-win for both clients and employees.