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Gun Violence Action Demands in the Capitol of Florida

Florida’s capital became the center of the historic gun violence debate this week as a growing movement famously known as “Never Again” grabbed attention at the national platform. The demonstrators were demanding for action just seven days after the mass shooting in Parkland. Thousands of people assembled for a two-hour rally outside the state capital of Florida. Most of the demonstrators were students who forcibly agitated demands to American legislators to take action on gun violence. The students warned that if the lawmakers took no action at Capitol Hill, they would be risking losing their seats in the forthcoming mid-term elections scheduled for November this year.

The demonstrators were in deep grief morning their fellow students who were brutally killed at the Stoneman Douglas High School. One of the students at the demo, Sheryl Acquaroli said that the coaches, teachers, and students in Stoneman High School died because the people who had been entrusted to make laws that protected Americans had failed terribly. Acquaroli added that the students who had passed on will be remembered fondly and that they are bigger heroes than any of the member of Congress would ever be. Many of the demonstrators at the rally were not of legal age to cast a vote. However, they chanted slogans that told the Trump administration that enough is enough and urged the legislators to pass laws and regulations that would keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.

These demonstrations come at a time while legislators in the Halls of Washington pass a law that will require American learning institutions to display the motto ‘In God We Trust’. In just a few days, the largest demonstration had been staged in Tampa which broke the record that had remained for two decades. Just seven days after the horrific attack that left 17 people dead, survivors have made demands to Congress to pass measures of gun violence control. The proposed gun control measures include banning automatic assault rifles in the United States. Such a change has in the past faced opposition from members of Congress hailing from the Republican Party. Just a day before Valentine’s Day attack, the House of Representatives had blocked a motion that was presented to the House on the regulation of assault rifles by Democratic lawmakers.