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The People behind Avaaz

Originating from the Persian language, Avaaz is a modern day name used to refer to voice or song. This led to the adoption of the name to form a global activist organization. As of today, Avaaz is an American organization that has dedicated its resources and time to champion for people’s rights across the globe. The Avaaz organization is known for specializing with people from all walks of life. The groups they target are the ones that have been discriminated by the mainstream society. This means that the organization has represented social workers, drug users as well as the LGBT. According to their website, the Avaaz organization believes that weak people should be protected rather than being discriminated.

Avaaz is also active in other causes such as conflict resolution, poverty, and human rights. The organization is also notorious for its involvement in human rights and climate change issues affecting people. This has led to the group winning the credit of a UK based newspaper known as the Guardian. The Guardian referred Avaaz as one of the fastest growing organization on the internet that helps the oppressed. Avaaz was established in 2007 by a group of activists. Since then, the organization has maintained its headquarters in the US city of New York. Flickr Photos.

To achieve its goals, the organization is funded by its own members. Understanding the history of Avaaz is crucial to understanding how they function. For starters, Avaaz was established by two organizations namely Service Employees International Union and Other than ideas, these two organizations were crucial in funding its establishment. Up to date, it’s estimated that the Avaaz has managed to raise over $20 million in funding. Some of the people who are crucial to the day to day operation of the company include Eli Pariser, Rick Patel as well as David Madden.