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Dr. Shafik Sachedina; the brainiac behind Sussex Healthcare

Over and over again, the name Dr. Shafik has hit the headlines due to his outward contributions to the healthcare sector. Often, career professionals insist that one’s background plays a significant role when it comes to defining one’s success since it acts as a motivation. Shafik’s life is no way different. He was born and spent most of his childhood in Dare salaam, Tanzania.

Since his childhood, Dr. Shafik had a character of working hard on every chance that he received. Therefore, after graduating, Shafik ought to practice his dentistry in England. According to the skilled dentist, the practice played a significant role in boosting his experience in practice. Besides, it motivated his interest in the industry which has fuelled his current success history. The training also provided Shafik with an opportunity to work in close collaboration with the Jamati. He was tasked with the work of overseeing the actions of Ismail’s community associations for more than 15 years.

As many would say, the experience provided Shafik with top leadership skills. However, based on his journey, the doctor is a born leader. Therefore, since joining the career world, Shafik has always remained on the forefront when it comes to enhancing the medical sector. Besides, Dr. Shafik is the founder of Sussex Healthcare.

To the people of West Sussex, Shafik’s investment is an ‘angel’ as it has come to the rescue of many people with mental problems. Sussex Healthcare is a private and independently run entity and is known for its free care for the elderly, particularly those undergoing psychological issues. The facility boasts of owning the best specialists with the ability to take care of individuals with brain damages. Also, over the past three decades, the center has been catering for those undergoing learning difficulties. As per the records, the healthcare is proud of being in a position to take care of more than 300000 individuals since establishment.

Shafik’s dream is to see the facility reach out to more and more individuals in dire need of the services. Not long ago, the organization launched an outreach outside Horsham in West Sussex. The new facility acts as a temporary/rest home for patients with acquired neurological conditions. Also, reliable sources state that the new outreach is in the process of developing services targeting the young generation with autism and learning disabilities. The facility is equipped with exceptional amenities such as gyms and other entertainment facilities. Also, there is a standby team of certified staff not forgetting the general practitioners who are always a call away. Under Shafik’s leadership, Sussex Healthcare is projected to grow incredibly, with more and more other services related to the healthcare sector. Learn more about Shafik Sachedina on


Keith Mann Opening Up Opportunities for the Entire Globe

When individuals are looking to see what Keith Mann is doing, it’s no different than investing within an organization. That being said, the organizations and startups he is choosing to invest in is the education of young people for the future. When young people are rewarded for their actual efforts, it not only gives them incentive to keep going, but it frees them up as well. Students who are stuck behind student loan debt don’t have the capital to be able to afford rent, let alone to start investing their time and energy in new technologies. The hope is that as scholarships just like Keith Mann continues to help, the trickle down effect will help spur brand new ideas.

This is the exact reason that Keith Mann wanted to make a change. On the one hand you have an opportunity to encourage a young entrepreneur and give them just one more opportunity. Even the most energetic and passionate individuals still need to catch a break from time to time, and with the efforts of someone like Keith, you can certainly see how quickly the incentive of even a small scholarship can provide help, relief, or additional funding.

Mann not only acknowledges that his hard work was what made him what he is today, but he also realizes that by having no other option to go it alone he was able to get ahead farther. Having nothing to fall back on was exactly what helped him to get so far ahead. At the same exact time, he also believes he could have been held back in some capacity simply because he was too busy trying to make enough money to even pay his bills, let alone continue to advance and invest in his organizations.

The key to not only furthering one specific life, but also furthering society as a whole is the motivation for someone like Mann to offer up a scholarship such as this. By recognizing that everyone can use a hand and everyone can use a little more motivation to be rewarded, there is a much better chance of being successful when it comes to making a difference.

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Why Will No One Help Me, Avi Weisfogel Is Helping With The Go Fund Me

How do you tell your little boy that you can not afford to take him to the dentist when he is crying in pain from a toothache? How do you tell your child that they have to live with the hole in their lip because no one will help pay for the surgery to repair it? How do you make your child understand that other children can be cruel? It is a difficult thing for any parent to go through. A parent is working full time at the local burger joint. They are unable to buy enough food to feed the whole family until they are full. The food bank is empty and you can not provide what you need to provide for your family even after working all week at that dead end job. Why will people not help?

Avi Weisfogel is trying to help with the dental problems. He has launched a go fund me campaign to try and collect money to help people that are in the situations above. He hopes that people will donate enough money to pay for several people to see a dentist and to get the work done they need. Avi got his start with his first dental office in New Jersey. He opened Old Bridge Dental after completing his college education and receiving his Doctorate in Dental Science from NYU. Avi loves to help others and he does a lot of lectures to train dentists to help people with sleep issues.

A good dentist understands that sometimes you may need to use mouth guards to align teeth so that their tongue does not fall in the back of the mouth. Avi works hard to teach dentists how to detect sleep apnea in their patients. He lectures on things like having narrow airways to enlarged tonsils. Avi also helps his patients to understand how being overweight or smoking can play a large part in sleep problems. Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe campaign to help the local people get the dental help they need. They do not have to pay for the services. The dental van will bring a crew to their area. Dental professionals are volunteering to help. You can help by donating to the Operation Smile campaign. Every dollar counts.

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Ken Griffin Has Given A Big Donation To His Past College

Ken Griffin is a man who has done much with his life. When he first set out in his career he probably had no idea of the places that it would take him. Back when he was studying at Harvard College he didn’t know that he would one day be making a huge donation to it. He couldn’t have predicted his future back then, but he knew that in order to have a good career that he would have to work hard to make it happen. And so that is what he has always done.
Ken Griffin didn’t let himself slack off on anything, and that is how he got to be in such a good position, today. One does not have the kind of success that he has had without putting their full effort into making it happen. One does not become rich by being lazy and not caring for what they are doing. Ken Griffin put his all into his career and the work that he was doing in it, and now he is able to reap the rewards of doing that.
The success that Ken Griffin on has had has allowed him to be generous to others, and he was happy to give a good amount of money to the college that helped him to learn everything that he needed to know for his career. He wanted to be able to give back in a big way, so he gave a large donation to Harvard College. And now the college has renamed their financial aid office in his honor.
People like Ken Griffin should be respected and looked up to for many reasons, and one of the biggest things that sets him apart from other businessmen is his generosity. He realized that he would not have made it to the places that he did if it were not for Harvard College and the education that was supplied to him, and he wanted to help to provide the chance for others to get a good education there, as well. So, he gave money to the college so that that could happen.
Ken Griffin has done so many good things with his life, and helping out Harvard College is one of the biggest things that he has ever done. He has had success in his career and the things that he’s chosen to do, and instead of keeping all of that success and the riches that he has earned to himself, he has decided to share a portion of them with others.