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Nadal’s Wrist Injury Leaves Him Out of the French Champions

Rafael Nadal, the nine-time French Open champion has just pulled out of the Grand Slam Tournament, following injury to his left wrist. Nadal unveiled the news shortly after withdrawing from a scheduled play in the third round saying that today was the toughest day of his career.

According to Tampa Bay Times Nadal who appeared on a press conference while wearing a brace on his wrist, said that it was a mistake for him to think that he would compete in the tournament while with the injury. The 14 Grand Slam title holder had won his second round match in straight sets, after having injecting himself with painkillers to numb the pain in his wrist.

His reason for withdrawing the tournament was as a result of feeling more and more pain overnight to the extent that he couldn’t move his wrist this Friday morning. That meant that he would no longer practice and would not have made it through to the final.

He explained that the problem was with his tendon sheath and that there is no way he could rely on painkillers injections, one before the other if he were to make it to the final, that is actually in the next 10 days.

Nadal withdrawal drains the tournament of one more star after the 17-time champion, Roger Federer withdrew earlier in the pre-tournament following an injury setback reported to be back pain.

The tournament however proceed as planned with the winner expected to march to the final with ease of having to avoid the ‘big stars’ who have previously earned the trophy.