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Getting to Utilize the Jeunesse Global Brand

If you are looking for high-quality ingredients and products that work for your aging needs, there is no better company than Jeunesse Global. Jeunesse Global has been in the business of high-quality anti-aging for over a decade. The company works primarily with the aging community, but people of all ages have fallen in love with the products that they have created. What’s more, the brand has launched a wide range of amazing products to meet your own individual needs, so it is easy and quick to find the one that is right for you when you are trying to look and feel your absolute best.

There is a variety of products available in the Jeunesse Global line, but this makes it easy for you to pick and choose the one that is right for you. One of the most sought-after items within the line is known as Instantly Ageless. This high-end and lightweight serum is applied directly to the skin to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in under two minutes. The results you will achieve through this product will last for upwards of eight to nine hours. This is why a lot of people have chosen Instantly Ageless and are satisfied with the results they have found when using the product regularly.

If you would like to learn more about the Jeunesse Global brand, you can check out their main website or go to their social media pages. By reading a lot of reviews written on their products, you will find that Jeunesse Global has put the time and consideration into developing every single product within the line. There are a lot of customers right this minute who are choosing to make use of this brand and are finding it to be a better option than others they might have used in the past. Be sure to take a good look at the amazing product line of Jeunesse Global and see just why a lot of customers have already chosen to make the switch and are making use of the variety of different products that happen to be available for you to both purchase and use yourself.

DonataMeirelles: Leave a Scent They Won’t Forget

It’s no surprise that thinking outside of the box increases your chances of gaining a better response from your customers. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work is very important. Very little fashion stores are doing this one thing! And that is having a signature smell for your shoppers.

Fashion Director of Brazil

DonataMeirelles is a fashion director of Brazil and some of her best fashion advice is for stores to have a custom smell for shoppers. She goes on to say that having a familiar smell associated with your store or hotel helps your shoppers create memories.

DonataMeirelles advice for businesses is to use scented candles at the entrance of a store or home in the earlier part of the day. This helps to scent the area before visitors enter. I couldn’t agree more! Your average shopper will not go out of her way to tell a store or hotel to do these things but customers do appreciate it.

My advice for anyone running a store is to find out what candle scent the majority of people like before allowing any scent into your store. The best way to do this is to have at least 3 different candles and without being pesky ask your shoppers for a quick input as to which candle smell they prefer.

Whichever candle the majority of your shoppers choose is the one you should choose to use for their shopping experience. DonataMeirelles has some of the best advice for leaving an impression on guests even at home. Her advice is to leave a scent in areas of your home more frequented. These rooms include the front entrance of the home, washroom and the bedrooms.

Does a Scent Have Anything To Do With Fashion?

Fashion is more than just clothes and style. The same way a brand of clothing or a new pair of shoes allows a person to rejoice internally a nice scent does that and more. A great smell either worn on the clothing or used as a scented aroma in a room is fashionable because it is used to complete a wardrobe and complete an environment.

If a smell were not a part of fashion you wouldn’t receive a compliment on certain perfumes or colognes you wear. So the next time you choose a scent do it to create a memory.

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Bernardo Chua And His Legacy

Originally from the Philippines, Bernardo Chua is recognized as being prominent in the field of marketing while at the same time having a level of expertise in medicine. Taught by his grandparents, Mr. Chua acquired a level of knowledge towards herbal medicine, but he is known to the public due to the uses of the Ganoderma mushroom. As a man who has always had a passion for helping others, Mr. Chua from a young age had set his sights on to becoming a doctor, and although he never realized this dream, he was still able to fulfill his passion and help people worldwide to live long as well as healthy lives. View Bernardo Chua’s full profile at LinkedIn

After receiving a Bachelor of Science from the University of Santo Tomas, Mr. Chua took his first steps in his professional career working as a manager in a family business. Being the youngest of a rather large family, Mr. Chua was influenced by his family members to work for this family-owned business, but he eventually decided to set out on his own. Putting his managerial experience to use, Bernardo Chua was able to acquire several job opportunities such as Gano Excel. It was after this experience that Mr. Chua decided to bring his knowledge to the world and found the company known as ORGANO Gold in 2008.

ORGANO Gold’s goal was to magnify the pre-existing health benefits of coffee while at the same time providing excellent quality. Although as this organization continued to grow, it started to push out even more beneficial products outside of coffee such as shampoo. Now Bernardo Chua gives back to the community in various ways such as starting the OG Cares Foundation while at the same time mentoring the youth. Even when looking at his social media, it is clear that Mr. Chua enjoys being around people especially his staff as shown on his twitter.

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