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Paul Mamphilly: The Magnum Opus of Forex Trade

Most people who are successful in the forex trade industry will tell you that one of the secret ingredients to success is Paul Mamphilly’s profit unlimited. The eight-page newsletter recently hit 60,000 subscribers and now more than ever Paul is encouraged to continue offering his advice each month.
Reasons behind the massive success of the newsletter
There are many reasons why the newsletter is successful, but one of the main ones is because Mamphilly is enough proof of success in forex trading having made $88 million out of a mere $50 million during a time when the recession was at its peak. He was able to achieve that without sacrificing any stocks or using any illegal channels. Other reasons may be because he offers highly detailed and helpful advice on every release of profits unlimited. Thanks to his passion for helping people reach the epitome of success. Mamphilly shares his ones and twos in the best way possible so that every investor can understand. Moreover, most of the stocks which he recommends on his website are always profitable something which goes a long way to increase the confidence of investors in him. He takes a different path from traditional brokers by offering his knowledge to his clients so they can be in the capacity to help themselves in future by setting up their accounts instead of doing everything for them. That helps them become independent and smart in future, and they can make even more profits. Additionally, they receive trade alerts and monthly briefings so as they can remain updated and the site is encrypted to ensure that their information is always safe.
About Paul Mamphilly
Paul Mamphilly is a force to reckon in the Forex trading industry and has more than two decades of experience in the field. His journey to success began a few years back after he graduated from Fordham University with an MBA and started his career as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust in 1991. Since then Paul has worked with the finance departments of various facilities and institutions such as Deut she Bank and many others. He has played a significant role in some of the biggest hedge funds such as the $6 billion fund and prides himself on having companies like Swiss private banks, European Aristocracy, and several others as his clients. Paul is known for his skills and got his breakthrough in finance when he managed to make $88 million out of a $50 million investment at a time when inflation rates were at the apex. Today Paul is retired and spends most of his time with family and engaging in charity. He gives back to the society through his newsletters which empower other investors with skills and which help them know the best stocks to invest in.


Greg Secker, Entrepreneur and Inspirational Speaker from England

Greg Secker is a native of Norfolk, England where he was also brought up. He spent his childhood there. Greg Secker went to the University of Nottingham where he studied Agricultural and Food Sciences in 1997. He came to be a transaction technologist at Thomas Cook Financial Services in the 1990s. When he was in Thomas Cook, he invented foreign exchange transaction structures and received the British Telecom Award for invention in e-commerce. He was awarded because he started the Virtual Trading Bureau that is used in online forex trading.

When he was a 25-year-old lad, he was given a role as the Vice President of Mellom Financial Company. He learned from the financial traders and left the company in 2003. Secker then went into Forex trade entirely and created a transaction ground in his household. He then taught people on how to trade in the Forex sites. He is the founder of Knowledge to Action Group.

The company started financial trading seminars in 2008, and public presentations/ speeches were given in various countries. Greg Secker is an excellent public speaker who has traveled to countries like Australia, Ghana, New Zealand, Philippines among others. Many Fans followed him in 2010 to hear his public speaking addresses. He views Forex trade as having a small danger. Secker held the National Achievers Congress that happened in 2011 and was the keynote speaker at the event that was at the Excel London Exhibition Centrer.

In Africa, he has been instrumental and has made efforts to give them a leaf on his idea for the citizens to earn from it. He created the Global Success Summit in 2013 that was held in South Africa. In 2017, he has been noted by National CSR and termed as an unresolved single business leader at Learn to Trade.

He has founded the Greg Secker Foundation that aims at improving the quality of life for the people. The foundation has partnered with youth and individuals to lift the literacy levels and gives them skills on how to do the Forex trade. He was included this year on the list with 200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.