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The Auto Racing Circuit Gears Up For Florida Event

The beautiful woman in the green driving suit who drives the lime green racing car is gearing up for the notorious Daytona 500, one of Florida’s most exciting sporting events. The female race driver took the racing industry by storm about six years ago as a premier woman driver in a predominately male sport. She opened a lot of eyes to the fact that she was significant player in the racing game. She has held her own to this date, giving fans some very outstanding, and expert performances on the track. Danica Patrick and her GoDaddy car are both polished, and ready to turn heads. Your text to link…

Racing is a big industry in the South. Danica has opened the doors and set the stage for others who want to rev up their engines in this profession that was formerly a unisex circuit. Racing in the Florida big race is no small achievement. It took hard work, wins and loses, and much blood, sweat and tears to be considered for one of the starting positions in the race. The upcoming event will have all eyes on Florida, and the woman who could take it all. Florida sports always draw huge crowds. People come from near and far just to be a part of the Florida sports scene. The state has a sport for everyone to enjoy.

The one sport that will keep you on the edge of your seat is the autp racing. Watching the cars as they roar down the tracks at speeds that are legally beyond the speed limit gives spectators a rush of adrenaline. Race fans start preparing for this months in advance of the event. Like all of the other major sports, auto racing has a season, and this season promises to be one of the biggest and best for fans who will embark on the motor raceway. Look out for the lime green GoDaddy car as it makes it’s debut sporting a new look with the numbers, and the letters.