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Nick Vertucci Dedicated His Time to Teaching Others

Since Nick Vertucci knew he could help people with different real estate investment techniques, he tried his best to teach them. He even started the NV Real Estate Academy so people would have a chance to learn everything he had learned through the trial and error of his career. He knew not everyone would be able to get these things done but he also knew that teaching people and helping them through the opportunities he could create would be the best way to do it. Nick Vertucci liked to give people the chances that he had without the struggles.

While many people had struggled through the time they were hoping for a career, Nick Vertucci did not want others to do that. In fact, as a real estate expert, he knew it was one of the best things that people could do if they wanted to actually make money. For that reason, Nick Vertucci decided to show people the right way to do things. He compiled information from when he started, he put down what he had done and he helped people realize they had a lot of potential for success in the business if they could do things the right way.

For years, Nick has made sure people are doing what they can to learn as much as possible at the NV Real Estate Academy. He has tried to always show them how their lives can be better and how they can make all the right choices. Doing this has led to even more success for Nick. While he didn’t start the academy to be successful on his own, he did do it because he wanted to make a lasting impact on people who were hoping for something that would give them more opportunities.

As long as Nick has been doing this, he has tried to show people what they can get and how they can make a difference in their own lives. He has tried to show them that real estate investing is the best way to make money and the most important part of the business. Nick likes people to realize there are different things they can do to make this money and there are opportunities they can take after they have learned everything they need to know about real estate investing and how to be a functioning part of the business he has created for them.

Nick Vertucci – A Story (and a plan) That You Can Follow

Nick Vertucci is a name that may not be familiar to you. His story, however, is likely to be one that you have experienced, heard of, or know someone who has. He came from a modest childhood where his mother worked long hours to take care of a family that had lost their father. Living out of his van at age 18, Nick found a measure of success by starting his own computer parts company. Personal freedom was a lesson and a love that he took from business ownership.

Success in retailing computer parts allowed him to get married, start a family of three daughters, purchase a home, and begin to earnestly pursue the American Dream. Unfortunately, that success was short lived as the Dot Com Bubble burst in 2000, quickly erasing his business and finances, while clearly teaching him the need for better planning and investment for the future.

Nick Vertucci was in a hard place and lost nearly all of his assets – except for his home. Eighteen months passed and he was eventually asked by a close friend to attend a real estate training seminar. Nick was apprehensive about the course and giving up a weekend to explore real estate. He decided to go and the information and opportunity he saw flipped uncertainty into the best decision of his life.

He came away from that weekend seminar with a spark, inspiration, and knowledge that he had found his path out of financial hardship and on to a bright, secure future. The belief in what real estate held lead to a decade of detailed experience, personal learning, and the development of a comprehensive real estate and investing program.

Based on his knowledge, experience, and passion for helping others, Nick Vertucci has proven and refined the program, leveraged it into millionaire status, created the Fortunes in Flipping System, and started the NV Real Estate Academy.

Through his vast experience, Nick also developed areas of expertise that include: contract wholesaling and flipping, rehabbing and flipping properties, commercial investments, creating long-term cash flow by purchasing and holding properties, funding investments through IRA and 401k accounts, and creating protection for those assets.

Traveling throughout the United States, Nick Vertucci is excited to provide the know-how and community that people need to get out of debt, create massive amounts of cash, and build a financial legacy using his experience and passion.