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Meet Michael Burwell: Willis Towers Watson’s New Chief Financial Officer


Michael Burwell seems to be the perfect fit for the position and taking on all the responsibilities it comes with. Willis Towers Watson is a financial advisory company that specializes in providing broking and solutions with global reach. The company has voiced how pleased it is with the new addition of Burwell on many occasions. The previous chief financial officer retired late last year which lead to Burwell being given the title.

Burwell’s expertise in finance spans more than 3 decades. He really began to make a name for himself as a professional at PwC. Burwell will definitely not succumb to the pressure as he held senior leadership roles for the last ten years, including a former position of chief financial officer at another company. He has also spent a large amount of time in Transaction Services advisory, aiding companies large and small on pre-merger due diligence.

What makes Burwell such a great choice is his understanding of leadership, management, and getting results while simultaneously meeting all the needs of clients. He is someone many believe can help unlock the full potential of Willis Towers Watson. His hiring in its entirety is expected to drive the company to its next point of evolution.

A question that really caught Burwell off guard in a recent interview was an inquiry of how he comes up with such great ideas. he gave a lot of the credit to the company’s entire team. He says many of the ideas that the company implements are born out of brainstorming by several individuals inside the organization. in his opinion in order to come up with ideas that will work you really have to be involved with the every day tasks of the company. This method has proven to be very successful and lucrative for Willis Towers Watson.


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Michael Burwell Is Making Willis Watson Towers A Leader


Last year, Willis Towers Watson made some few changes in its management positions. The company announced through its website that it had appointed Michael Burwell, one of the leading financial advisors in the world to take up the position of chief financial officer. The executive won the hearts of the members of the board of directors in the international company because of various reasons. Apart from being highly qualified for the post he has been given, the finance executive has been serving in auditing and finance for a long time, meaning that is very experienced.


About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell was born and also raised in the United States. After his high school education, the financial advisory expert registered for undergraduate studies in the University of Michigan. Before he could leave the institution, Burwell also studied CPA so that he could be prepared enough for the corporate world. After his graduation, the finance guru landed several working positions. These jobs assisted him to accumulate a lot of experience in the market. By the time Michael Burwell was getting appointed as the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Towers Watson, the University of Michigan graduate, was now capable of handling the pressure in the international firm.


Michael Burwell: How to Remain Productive in the Workplace

Individuals working in the finance world know how tough it is to make sure that the company accounts are in order all the time. Dealing with an international company makes things worse. Michael Burwell believes that working with few resources to produce more is the only way to remain on top, especially in the finance industry. Technology has offered the finance professionals various tools, and they can make use of them so that they can accomplish a lot in just a single day.


Burwell has been using this trick for year, and he has been able to maintain very high levels of production, even when dealing with large organizations. These tools have assisted him to streamline company operations and made his life so easy. The finance executive has also learnt how to interact and deal with the professionals in other departments so that his work is not made difficult. See This Article to learn more.




Ways That a Nick Vertucci Mindset Can Transform Your Business

Nick Vertucci’s life is a source of inspiration to both leaders and business persons as it offers a detailed journey of rags to riches. Although Nick Vertucci was born in a poor family, he has over the year attained financial freedom and success and is one of the most sort motivational speakers in the country. The entrepreneur success can be linked to the creation of the Nick Vertucci Companies that mainly deals with the purchase of assets properties from banks. Before creating the real estate business, he was engaged in a real estate academy where he acquired vital skills and insights on running a successful business.

Nick Vertucci’s entrepreneurial skills are well documented in the book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. The book highlights some of the steps and calculated risks that the author took in attaining success. After losing most of his earnings in the initial business venture, the entrepreneur embarked on a series of calculated risks. The book defines integrity, transformation and having a self-belief pattern as being essential factors in attaining positive results. The book notes that lack of confidence, low commitment and inexperience may derail a business. However, having a strong mind helps deal with turbulent times in business.

On the other hand, there is the emphasis on the benefit of being positive as opposed to focusing on probable failures and shortcomings. Both the inner resolve and doubt determine the progress of any undertaking. Nick Vertucci indicates that the difference between successful and unsuccessful people is often the desire to try new things. The Nick Vertucci mindset is defined by the book as entailing stages such as see it, believe it, map it, and execute it. After envisioning the goal, one needs to a belief before mapping a plan to attain the goal. Lastly, a well-thought implementation plan helps minimize chances of errors and poor performances.

Shervin Pishevar- His Popular Twitter Rant

Back in February 2018, Shervin Pishevar, surprised all of his followers on Twitter by going on a rant that lasted almost a full day. He has always been someone who didn’t keep to himself when he had opinions, so it’s not really a big surprise that this Uber investor and venture capitalist went on a Twitter “Tweet Storm” that included tweets on a multitude of subjects. The subject matter of his tweets ranged from SpaceX to Bitcoin predictions.

Shervin Pishevar- Tirade On Everything In Business

Before this recent storm of predictions on Twitter, Shervin Pishevar had not been heard from much since the middle of December. It was around that time that he had posted a public letter about himself resigning due to the fact that he was being accused of sexual harassment by someone in his company. He felt that he needed to resign at the time in order to save the success of this company, Sherpa Capital.

Prediction Of Stock Market Decline

Like stated earlier, Shervin Pishevar decided to dish out many opinions about different topics. A couple of the topics he spoke about included currencies and the stock market. Predictions about the stock market he made claimed it would drop by 6,000 points or more in the coming months. One of the reasons behind this prediction is that he believes the volatility in the bond market was going to have a rippling effect through the rest of our markets.

Bitcoin Ends?

Another prediction that Shervin Pishevar made during his Twitter rant was about Bitcoin. He believes that the crash from Bitcoin is long overdue and wasn’t going to end anytime soon. He believes the era of cheap money has died and that inflation is going to spread. This is what he believes is going to crash the Bitcoin currency and create the crash of the stock market by 6,000 or more points. He also said that because of the Bitcoin crash, gold is going to rise. Shervin truly believes that our economic infrastructure is in danger and our government and the companies in our country are trapped in what he calls short-term thinking.

Wes Edens Sky Hooks Finances

Wes Edens prestigious businessman is the chairman and co-founder of Fortress Investment Group. Wes Eden is quite a sports enthusiast as well, and the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks an American basketball team based in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Wes Edens is also the owner of the League of Legends which is a popular online multiplayer battle arena video game, developed by Riot Games and is accessible for Mac operating systems as well as Microsoft Windows operating systems. Wes Eden billionaire birth name is Wesley Robert Edens but prefers to be acknowledged as Wes.

Wes Edens Education

Oregon State University

Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Studies: Science, Finance, and Business Administration

Wes Edens before Fortress Investment Group

Wes began his career at Lehman Brothers which was a Global Financial servicing firm. Wes was with the firm until 1987. Wes occupied the position as a partner and managing director and left the firm in 1993. Wes Edens advanced his financial experience with a firm named Black Rock’s. Wes was a Partner and Managing Director of the company’s private equity and assets investors division until 1997.Wes Edens has held several executive positions with a number of leading Financial Service Institutes listed below are a few well known financial firms.

  • Capstead Mortgage Corp
  • Global Signal Inc.
  • Global Principal Finance Group
  • Smith Barney
  • Merrill Lynch

Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group founded in 1998 is a global investment managing service where their Home Office is located in New York. Fortress manages assets on behalf of private investors and institutional clients worldwide specializing in the following.

  • Private Equity Funds
  • Liquid Markets Funds
  • Credit funds
  • Traditional Asset Management

Fortress Investment Group, LLC is privately owned and staffed in the range of 500 – 1000 professional employees at the Home Office in New York, New York.

Wes Edens at Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens with impressive financial background experience joined Fortress International Group in 1998 as the Co-Founder. Wes responsibilities at Fortress included publicity trades and private equity alternative investment businesses.In 2009 Wes became Co-Chairman of the board of directors at Fortress. Fortress Investment Group experienced a significant stock price drop that dropped below one dollar. Wes Edens while in the position as co-chairman regained the value of Fortress stock price by offering clients second- chance lending or as known in the financial industry subprime lending.Wes Edens served as Fortress infrastructure and transportation Investors Chairman from 2015 to 2016. One can honestly say Wes Edens presently co-founder of Fortress International Group knows his way around the office.

Wes Edens Bringing Home the Bacon

Wes Edens loving husband and father of four estimate take-home pay is 54.4 million dollars per year. Finances are not an issue at the Edens residence located in the New York New York area.

Shervin Pishevar On The State Of The Economy

The person who is afraid to hear opinions that differ greatly from their own ought to avoid listening to Shervin Pishevar. He is the kind of individual who is not afraid to say what he thinks about almost anything that comes to mind for him. One of the ways that he does this in the modern age is by using his Twitter account to spread messages about how he feels on a variety of economic issues.

Shervin Pishevar recently went on Twitter to discuss the ideas that he has regarding the stock market, Bitcoin, the Trump Administration, and more. He held back no punches as he went after each of those things in a variety of unique ways.

One of the things that Shervin Pishevar wanted to talk about was how he feels that the stock market is cruising to levels that are far too high for what their real value is. He believes that people have gotten carried away with their optimism about the stocks that they hold in general. He thinks that while it is a good thing to be positive when times are good, there is a danger in getting overly optimistic in ways that cause you to pay too much for something. It happens all the time though.

Another area of economics that Shervin Pishevar had no trouble stepping all over is Bitcoin. He just simply felt that Bitcoin is also overpriced in ways that people are not really recognizing. He thinks that the currency has some value to it, but he believes that the value is limited at the moment and that the price is far too high. This investment does not become worthwhile for a period of time in his view.

All of these thoughts and so many more were spelled out on Shervin Pishevar’s Twitter account during his recent tweet storm. You can find all fifty tweets that spanned for twenty-one hours or so on his Twitter account for your browsing pleasure whenever the desire strikes you. Make sure to take your time to absorb all that he is trying to tell you through the post. It is highly interesting material.

Fortress Investment Group Joins SoftBank but remains Independent

Fortress Investment Group is an investments and asset management company with a global presence. Fortress Group was started in 1998 as a private equity firm but has diversified and become one of the leading alternative investment organizations in the US and outside its boundaries. Fortress manages assets for over 1750 private and public clients. It has $43 billion in assets under management. Fortress leads its peers in innovative investment ideas and practical projects that have made it an attractive entity to some of the world’s leading investment companies.

 What Fortress Does Best

To survive in the modern business world, it is important to identify what the market needs as opposed to imitating what other investors are doing. The market is sensitive and always on the look-out for products that offer real practical solutions. Fortress Investment Group discovered that there are many types of assets out there which traditional asset management and investment companies long declared redundant, unprofitable and therefore useless. Fortress also specializes in minimizing risk for companies. As competition increases so do the risks of running businesses. Fortress has a team of experts that conduct market research analysis to emerge with practical solutions that have been time-proven to withstand the storms.

Fortress Attracts Softbank

In one of the game-changing moves, Fortress entered into an acquisition arrangement with SoftBank, a Japanese giant with a diverse range of investments in software and general technology. In the arrangement that was recently concluded, SoftBank paid $3.3 billion to own all of Fortress’ shares and have it under its group of companies. In a deal that seems to have been more of paperwork than acquisition as is commonly known, Fortress Investment group was allowed to continue operating independently but its financial results will always be reflected under SoftBank. The management at SoftBank observes that the acquisition of Fortress adds to the investment expertise at SoftBank. They say that the company was attracted to Fortress because of the way Fortress has emerged as a top investment company in the USA despite the challenges in the market. SoftBank is reported to have completed all the statutory procedures and requirements for such an acquisition. The procedures for the successful transition included an agreement by Fortress shareholders to approve the acquisition. Each class A share owned by Fortress shareholders will be converted to cash earnings of $8.08 per share. The proceeds from the merger will be distributed as guided by the Definitive Proxy of Fortress dated 7th June 2017. Consequently, the common stock owned by Fortress, and trading on the NYSE was withdrawn.

Fortress Retains its Structure and Leadership

In what turns out as a revolutionary acquisition, Fortress management remains intact. Wes Edens, Pete Briger, and Randy Nardone remain as the company’s heads. Softbank says it wishes to maintain the business model, personnel, brand, processes, and leadership that have in combination helped the organization to attain profitability. The merger with SoftBank puts Fortress in a strategic business position. Softbank is a World leader in digital technology solutions. SoftBank owns several companies in the communications and technology field. It focuses its energies on activities in such areas as AI, clean energy smart robotics and other revolutionary technologies.

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Wes Edens Achievements At Fortress Investment Group And In Personal Life

As a result of his contributions to the establishment as well as the resuscitation of Fortress Investment Group after the mortgage crisis, Wes Edens commands a lot of respect in the financial circles. His leadership and knack for identifying business opportunities is unmatched. In less than three decades of his active participation in the investment world, he has achieved much more than any other managed assets and portfolio managers of his time. Plus his successes aren’t just confined to the financial world, he has launched personal and non-financial projects from scratch and seen them thrive and reach international standards. Here are some of his investments and personal achievements.

Achievements at Fortress Investment group

While he may have founded the now global investment company with such compatriots as Peter Briger and Randy Nardone, he is the longest-serving CEO and Chairman of the company having steered it from 1998 to 2009. During this time he not only helped the company overcome infancy and emerge as one of the leading asset management firms in the world but also helped it recover from the 2007/2009 subprime mortgage crisis that brought it to its knees. Wes Edens has also been instrumental in the advancement of the Investment funds objectives. For instance, during his tenure as CEO and chairman, Wes helped the investment firm expand its investment vehicles to cover hedge funds, real estate, and private equity funds. He also initiated several acquisitions and partnerships with other investments firms, some of which contributed to the company’s fast rise to global recognition.The most significant was the company’s investment in Springleaf Financials, formerly known as AIG American General Finance. Through apt management, he helped turn this investment from a $124 million investment to a $3.5 Billion fortune. This went a long way in helping his company overcome the crisis that had sunk the funds share capital below the one-dollar mark.An equally important move was his role in Fortress Group’s acquisition of Nationstar Mortgage. The $575 million acquisition helped his firm expand its reach in the more than 25 states Nationstar was previously exposed to prior to the purchase.

Personal achievements

In 2014, Wes Edens partnered with Marc Lasry and bought off the NBA franchise of Milwaukee at the cost of $550 million. Since then he has been working on transforming the team and giving it a continental feel with much success. Wes is also the owner of a professional video gaming e-sports team. And while the game is relatively new, he has helped it promote it into achieving the fete of competing in the League of Legends challenge series for Northern American Circuit. Learn More.

Equities First Holdings’ Progressive Achievements

Equities First Holdings started business in the United States in 2002 as a solution for investors and businesses that were facing financial difficulties that traditional lending establishments could not resolve. Since then it has expended far beyond the United States and has numerous offices around the world.
One of Equities First Holdings strengths it’s specialized loans that demands a high level of skill and an eye for detail. The company has successfully provided hundreds of these loans to clients at low-interest rates. The company’s low-interest rates have given it a competitive edge in the industry, and has allowed them to gain ground on their competitors.
In its almost 16 years of business Equities First Holdings has proven itself a strong competitor in the industry. Its structure and management more easily allow it to innovate. As a result it, is now expanding into other financial markets.

Nick Vertucci Dedicated His Time to Teaching Others

Since Nick Vertucci knew he could help people with different real estate investment techniques, he tried his best to teach them. He even started the NV Real Estate Academy so people would have a chance to learn everything he had learned through the trial and error of his career. He knew not everyone would be able to get these things done but he also knew that teaching people and helping them through the opportunities he could create would be the best way to do it. Nick Vertucci liked to give people the chances that he had without the struggles.

While many people had struggled through the time they were hoping for a career, Nick Vertucci did not want others to do that. In fact, as a real estate expert, he knew it was one of the best things that people could do if they wanted to actually make money. For that reason, Nick Vertucci decided to show people the right way to do things. He compiled information from when he started, he put down what he had done and he helped people realize they had a lot of potential for success in the business if they could do things the right way.

For years, Nick has made sure people are doing what they can to learn as much as possible at the NV Real Estate Academy. He has tried to always show them how their lives can be better and how they can make all the right choices. Doing this has led to even more success for Nick. While he didn’t start the academy to be successful on his own, he did do it because he wanted to make a lasting impact on people who were hoping for something that would give them more opportunities.

As long as Nick has been doing this, he has tried to show people what they can get and how they can make a difference in their own lives. He has tried to show them that real estate investing is the best way to make money and the most important part of the business. Nick likes people to realize there are different things they can do to make this money and there are opportunities they can take after they have learned everything they need to know about real estate investing and how to be a functioning part of the business he has created for them.