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How Jason Hope is Helping Uncover Anti Aging Techniques

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and technological enthusiast. Hope studied at Arizona State University where he has gotten a bachelor’s degree in Finance. He later on pursued more studies to attain an MBA in the field of Business.Through Jason’s upbringing in Tempe, Arizona where he was also born, Jason has over the years gained a lot of recognition for his interest and investment in technology. He is a strong believer in the Internet of Things that propagates smart devices connected to the internet being a major part of our development as a society. They will influence how we interact with one another as well as carrying out business.Jason is also a major believer in investing in business ideas. Through multiple business proposals from young techpreneurs, Jason Hope has been able to fund them so they can be able to gain some stability and energy to kick off.This is especially in cases where it proves challenging to start a new business. The amount of money that is invested may vary on a case to case basis as some ideas just need a little financial boost which goes a long way in supporting the business.

Jason Hope and SENS Research Foundation

Jason Hope’s philanthropic tendencies and futuristic mentality has seen to his donation towards SENS Research Foundation of $500,000 in the recent past. SENS Research Foundation is based in Mountain View, California. Its main goal is to seek ways of dealing with anti-aging remedies. For a long time, anti-aging techniques have been very costly especially when affected by diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s which accelerate the degeneration of body cells and therefore aging of the body.Jason strongly believes in finding solutions that can assist in dealing with future related problems and therefore his drive to fund and promote the research of SENS Research Foundation.

Through his generous donation, SENS Research Foundation was able to establish the Cambridge SENS Laboratory.Through anti-aging research, a lot of significant progress has been made recently mainly because in the past, most of the anti-aging based experiments were carried out on short life span animals. The results and observations therefore led to very disappointing result on long life span humans. This was as a result of opposed stem cell experimentation as a result of religious bias.As more research has been conducted, it has been revealed that the complex differences in aging processes between humans and animals are mainly caused by the glucosepane cell in humans. This has therefore focused research in anti-aging techniques and treatment.Learn More.

Benefits of Agora Financial in the Ever-changing Commercial World

After working very hard to earn money, we all wish for an opportunity to invest it to make more money. However, this is not always the case. Many people do not know where to begin when it comes to investing. While some may attribute this to inability to take risks, the issue is mostly blamed on lack of adequate information. In other instances, people have lost money after taking advice from unscrupulous brokers and financial advisers.It is at this point that companies like Agora Financial come in. Agora Financial is a topnotch analysis company for all issues pertaining wealth accumulation, wealth protection as well as giving definite predictions on market trends. Through online publications, the assorted collection of free online newsletters, seminars, and documentaries, Agora Financial has continued to mentor over a million readers on the path to building wealth and managing existing wealth.

In doing so, the person who is interested in wealth accumulation is protected from the traditional wealth brokers such as insurance companies, bankers, as well as the taxman. The company provides the person with definite answers on when to invest, how to invest and avoid losing wealth. It is also worth noting that Agora Financial researchers are 100% independent and unbiased. The company spends over $1 million in travel for research all over the world. It is an investment that enables the company get the real situation of various investments even before they hit the mainstream markets.Agora Financial has over twenty publications, which are unique from one another. These papers have different scopes and navigate different financial subject to give different readers a variety of financial assistance.

These publications sharpen the readers with secrets of generating wealth; pinpointing companies poised for rapid growth as well as appropriate wealth protection approaches. This is made possible by the team that consists of Harvard trained geologist, a self-made billionaire, and philanthropist, world-leading bond experts, bestselling authors as well as ex-banker to a president. This team not only gives well-informed information on the financial markets but also keep the readers on the trends in the financial markets.Agora Financial in the recent past has predicted some of the financial realities that happened. For example, in 1999, it predicted that the gold value would increase a situation that came to pass. In 2004, the company predicted the mortgage crisis, which occurred in 2008, four years later. Other notable predictions such as the rise in oil price in 2008 and the rise of biotechnology in personalized medicine and regenerative medicine have given their audience the upper hand in making wise financial decisions regarding investing.

Agora Financial Ensuring You Get Credible Financial Information, Always

Working hard and earning money is not enough for wealth creation as making smart and sound investments is also an integral part of the process. If you are worried about your financial future, then it is essential that you start making right investments at the right time. Any investments need time to grow, and if you have started investing at the proper financial venue at the right time, rest assured you would be financially secure when the time comes. To make such wise business decisions, you would need some guidance. And, it is this guidance that you can get from Agora Financial.

Agora Financial is one of the leading financial publications in the world and has its headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. Agora Financial has ensured over the years that it only provides unbiased economic news and tips to its readers so that they can make smart financial decisions without getting influenced by the finance and market-based rumors. Agora Financial has for long been a company that doesn’t follow the conventional norms but instead does it own independent reporting based on the news gathered by its reporters across the globe in different industries. It helps Agora Financial to fetch essential tips and financial news firsthand from various sectors.

The collection of such information is crucial as it helps in making financial decisions that would help you reap benefits in the future. Agora Financial has a budget of over a million dollars that it spends on the traveling of its reporters across the globe to find and unearth financial news that can influence the financial markets in the future. The collection of such information can be useful in making financial decisions that help in wealth creation and the protection of personal funds from market collapse as well. Agora Financial ensures that its readers are always updated with the financial news that matters.

Paul Mamphilly: The Magnum Opus of Forex Trade

Most people who are successful in the forex trade industry will tell you that one of the secret ingredients to success is Paul Mamphilly’s profit unlimited. The eight-page newsletter recently hit 60,000 subscribers and now more than ever Paul is encouraged to continue offering his advice each month.
Reasons behind the massive success of the newsletter
There are many reasons why the newsletter is successful, but one of the main ones is because Mamphilly is enough proof of success in forex trading having made $88 million out of a mere $50 million during a time when the recession was at its peak. He was able to achieve that without sacrificing any stocks or using any illegal channels. Other reasons may be because he offers highly detailed and helpful advice on every release of profits unlimited. Thanks to his passion for helping people reach the epitome of success. Mamphilly shares his ones and twos in the best way possible so that every investor can understand. Moreover, most of the stocks which he recommends on his website are always profitable something which goes a long way to increase the confidence of investors in him. He takes a different path from traditional brokers by offering his knowledge to his clients so they can be in the capacity to help themselves in future by setting up their accounts instead of doing everything for them. That helps them become independent and smart in future, and they can make even more profits. Additionally, they receive trade alerts and monthly briefings so as they can remain updated and the site is encrypted to ensure that their information is always safe.
About Paul Mamphilly
Paul Mamphilly is a force to reckon in the Forex trading industry and has more than two decades of experience in the field. His journey to success began a few years back after he graduated from Fordham University with an MBA and started his career as an assistant manager at Bankers Trust in 1991. Since then Paul has worked with the finance departments of various facilities and institutions such as Deut she Bank and many others. He has played a significant role in some of the biggest hedge funds such as the $6 billion fund and prides himself on having companies like Swiss private banks, European Aristocracy, and several others as his clients. Paul is known for his skills and got his breakthrough in finance when he managed to make $88 million out of a $50 million investment at a time when inflation rates were at the apex. Today Paul is retired and spends most of his time with family and engaging in charity. He gives back to the society through his newsletters which empower other investors with skills and which help them know the best stocks to invest in.


Agora Financial Makes Investing Much More Practical

Agora Financial is guaranteed to make the process of investing much easier for those that were looking for financial information to help them make better decisions. Agora Financial is the organization that is going to make the process of investing easier. People need financial literature and Agora Financial is a private financial literacy Publishing Company. People are getting subscriptions to this company because it has a vast amount of information that can totally transform a person’s perspective when it comes to what they are putting their investment dollars in.

The wise investor knows that knowledge is everything when it comes to making a sound investment. Only a fool would put their money into things that they have not taken the time to research. These consultants for Agora Financial are going to be sound council for the people that are trying to maximize the amount that they make from their investment options.

It is somewhat easy to search the way up and find basic information on certain companies, but Agora Financial digs much deeper than basic information. This is a company that provides an in-depth amount of information for the investor that wants to stay abreast of market trends. People that are trying to maximize all their investment opportunities cannot get any better advice than what they would receive from Agora Financial. This is the company that has those consultants that have put their time into making sure that they research those companies that are designed to improve portfolios.

Agora Financial has the consultants that are going to get out and research those companies that are becoming the new movers and shakers in the industry. Sometimes these companies are found in the United States, and other times they are found abroad. Agora financial consultants cover all of these bases for investments.


Paul Mampilly Newsletter For Investing

Hedge fund manager Hedge fund manager Paul Mampilly, has worked in the industry for Wall Street for over 20 years now, has begun to offer a newsletter for those people that wish to learn how to invest for profit. It offers a rare opportunity to those people that wish to invest in the private sector. So many people have signed up for this that most want to know what the newsletter is all about and who exactly is this man named Paul Mampilly.


The newsletter has 60,000 subscribers to date now. When you consider just how much it has helped people to make money investing, it’s not hard to understand how that has happened. The newsletter walks subscribers through how to create an account of their own at their chosen firm for investing. It then tells which investments will offer what type of return for a certain investment amount, and it also shows them how to resolve simple problems around investing and handling those investments and returns.


Paul Mampilly is well known for working at ING Deutsche Bank on Wall street for 20 years or so. During that time, he also helped Kinetics International and his company to make gains in the amount of $88 million for only $50 million dollar investment.

He graduated in 1996 from Fordham University with his MBA, before that he received a degree from New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering. His work after that was all centered in investing and finance. He has amassed quite a fortune over the years.

Future Plans

For now, he is offering the tips that he once used on Wall Street to help anyone that wishes to subscribe to his newsletter. It is a wonderful chance to make money and learn how to continue to invest in the future. It’s what Paul Mampilly offers that makes everyone want to subscribe to learn how to do it for a profit. It an ongoing newsletter that is put out when you sign up for the information. It’s free to read and can offer a way to make money for you.

Has worked in the industry for Wall Street for over 20 years now, has begun to offer a newsletter for those people that wish to learn how to invest for profit. It offers a rare opportunity to those people that wish to invest in the private sector. So many people have signed up for this that most want to know what the newsletter is all about and who exactly is this man named Paul Mampilly.

The Great Financial Advisor

Vincent Parascandola is a financial advisor at AXA Advisors, LLC. Their work primarily involves working with individuals, especially high net individuals. He carries his operations out of New York. AXA Advisors, LLC, is a broker-dealer that has over 5,400 representatives nationwide. Vincent held industry securities registration for 17 years and had become subject to FINRA and SEC oversight.

The Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors is responsible for the retention, recruiting, sales, management development, productivity and development of experienced new professionals. He has made the institution a leading financial protection company and the nations’ premier providers of annuity products and life insurance.

For more than 25 years in the industry, Mr. Parascandola has gained experience. His career kicked off with Prudential in 1987 as an agent, and he was given the title National Rookie of the year. He held a variety of local and regional field management positions in MONY life Insurance Company in 1990, before joining AXA Advisors in 2004.

He has been president of the Advantage Group, and this was a unit of AXA Equitable that was created to attract seasoned financial professionals. Previously, he was co-manager of the company’s branch in New York Metro, which has approximately 400 financial professionals in the area.

Vincent Parascandola has been recognized for his leadership; as a result, he has earned various management awards in his career including GAMA’s Career Development and Master Agency Awards. His vocal quality has made him a prominent speaker and has spoken at industry conferences and numerous companies. Vincent Parascandola is a past president of Florida chapter and also a member of GAMA. Besides, he is a past chair of LIMRA’s Field Committee.

The Bachelor of Science graduate from Pace University in New York, recently returned to his alma mater to give a speech to the graduating class of 2014. It was a great honor that he values so much. His great contribution to AXA group has made it a worldwide leader in financial protection strategies and wealth management.

AXA helped many businesses and families take small, manageable strides towards financial security. The work that Vincent has worked on since he started working for the company.