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Talos Energy gambles on Mexico’s Energy Industry

Lately, the old NAFTA trade deal, or North American Free Trade Agreement, has been getting some new press as of late. Recently, Donald Trump has proposed that Canada and Mexico engage in talks to renegotiate the NAFTA deal. Donald Trump has discussed many different plans that he had in mind for trade between neighboring countries, including imposing 10% and 25% tariffs on aluminum and steel, in addition to a whole host of other proposals that he had made in regards to restructuring America’s trade economy.Even though other minerals and metals have been discussed as having levies and tariffs imposed upon them, one industry that has been left out of the discussion, perhaps deliberately, is energy.

In fact, energy companies do not see any reason for the NAFTA trade deal to be renegotiated. Presently, the United States receives oil from Canada, while selling its natural gas to Mexico, and many experts feel that this is a delicate balance that should not be altered with a new trade deal. Canada is the US’s number one oil importer. and those in charge do not want to see this be disrupted for any reason in the foreseeable future. However, despite the entrenched order, Mexico itself is making inroads into the energy sector. Mexico has been pursuing private investment into its energy industry, and they have received funding from companies such as Talos Energy.

Talos Energy, a Houston Texas based energy company, has been putting massive amounts of capital into Mexico’s oil industry, foreseeing a time when Mexico will have to depend on itself mostly for oil production. In the midst of all this, there will still be talks of renegotiating NAFTA, and many experts say that there is a high chance that there will be changes made to the original deal at some point in the future. In fact, all this new investment in oil and energy could prove to make geopolitics in this region more difficult. And yet, production in the oil and energy industry is what is keeping friendly relations between these three countries together. Learn More.

Michael Burwell New CFO Of Willis Tower Watson

Michael Burwell has been appointed to the Chief Financial Officer of Willis Tower Watson to replace the Roger Millay upon his retirement. Mr. Burwell has a vast experience in finance since he has served in that professional position for over a period of 31 years.


He served in Pricewaterhouse Coopers where he had top leadership positions such as the head of transaction services in the US, chief operating officer and chief financial officer in the US as well as head of global transformation.


Moreover, Michael Burwell has an experience of 11 years in auditing and about 12 years in transaction services gained when serving on valuation and pre-merger due diligence. He is highly appreciated by the management of the Willis Tower Watson due to the commitment and the experience he has in his professional. The Chief Executive Officer, John Haley of Willis Towers Watson affirmed that the appointment of the Michael Burwell was timely since the company needed the skills that are in line with those of Mike. The experience he has on finance, transformation, and transactions will make it possible for the company to achieve its long-term set goals. Therefore, the joining of the Burwell to Willis Towers Watson is not in vain and will make it be leading in advisory globally. Get More Information Here.


Michael Burwell earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from the Michigan State University and above all he is a CPA holder. Previously, before joining Willis Tower Watson worked at PwC Company for more than three decades where he gained lots of experience because he resumed top-rank leadership positions. Burwell was visionary since during his leadership tenure ensured that all the clients that were served felt satisfied from the services that they received. He was committed to role and responsibilities that he took so that he can achieve the results.


It is through the motive and determination that made him explore the market that prepared him on gaining massive skills from finances, transactions, to the transformation that significantly contributed significantly to PwC. His appointment to join Willis Towers Watson seems a great move from the firm since they will be able to benefit in a significant way since Burwell will install the skills and experienced gained into the company. This will make the company meet the objectives it has through the aid of Michael Burwell. For this reason, it is a clear indication that Michael Burwell is a successful and great businessman.