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The Producer of Reservoir Dogs, Lawrence Bender, Has Had 29 Academy Nominations

Lawrence Bender is one of the most popular contributors to humanitarian and social causes in Hollywood, even being honored by the ACLU with an award. He may be a philanthropist, but his primary title in Hollywood is film producer. He has produced dozens of films; a few of these films have went on to win Oscars. Good Will Hunting has received the most nominations and awards out of all Bender’s films.

In addition to working with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck on Good Will Hunting, Lawrence Bender has worked with    and Samuel L. Jackson on multiple occasions during the production of Tarantino films. Bender and Tarantino created A Band A Part Productions, the company which produced a large portion of Tarantino’s catalog.

The first films the two worked on together was Reservoir Dogs. This movie is about a team of professional thieves, previously strangers to one-another, tasked with robbing a jewelry store by a prominent mob boss. The heist goes wrong as soon as it begins, making it obvious to the group that someone informed the police about the plan. One man, who is revealed to be an undercover cop, is shot by a civilian while running from the heist. The officer is bleeding out in the rendezvous spot for a large portion of the film.

The ending of Reservoir Dogs is one of the most memorable moments in film history, and it would be a shame to give it away here.

Lawrence Bender doesn’t restrict his talents to fiction; he has also worked on a couple of documentaries. One of these films was An Inconvenient Truth. This documentary, which includes narration from Al Gore, raises awareness for climate change. Despite its educational material, the film sold nearly 50 million dollars worth of tickets at the box office.

In total, during Lawrence Bender’s career, his films have received 29 nominations at the Oscars.