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Lime Crime’s Unique Solution

Lime Crime is a force to be reckoned with in the makeup industry, so in light of the steady growth, the company decided to branch out into the Chinese market. There were many obstacles, however, because of the distance, language barrier, and strict regulations on imported makeup. For instance, makeup coming from outside of the United States must be tested on animals, and they have a no cruelty, vegan only makeup policy. This meant that the products must be shipped from the United States.

LimeCrime ‘s global sales director had no previous experience dealing with the Chinese market, so she reached out to Revolve with the hopes of coming up with a fresh solution to a complex issue. Revolve is an LA-based fashion company that does deal successfully with the Chinese market. By partnering with Revolve, they were able to not only get their products to the Chinese enthusiasts, but they were also able to boost sales for Revolve by allowing them to be the only way for LimeCrime products to be available to the Chinese that weren’t a knockoff.

There are tons of knockoff products circulating in China, so true fans of the product are eager to be able to get a guaranteed authentic product from a single source. In addition to partnering with Revolve, LimeCrime boosted anticipation through the use of second-tier influencers who had a real passion for LimeCrime products. Currently, Lime Crime has had an overwhelming response from the Chinese market and anticipate to have vigorous sales in the coming months and years.

Popular Lime Crime Brand Introduces New Products

Lime Crime offers an extensive line of trendy cosmetics and the proof is in the color. They offer an assortment of lipstick and eye-shadow brands unique to the cosmetic industry. Each color helps you identity with your best features with cool shades. More importantly, their cosmetics meet the demands of most budgets reasonably priced at under $40 for their individual cosmetics. Get amazing coverage guaranteed up to 12 hours in a complete waterproof formula. Their founder, successful marketing analysis, female entrepreneur, and tech expert, Doe Deere, is constantly expanding her intricate colors with new products.

Get the satisfaction of helping the stray Los Angeles pet population with the purchase of PURR cosmetics branded under the Lime Crime name. A portion of the proceeds from the new 5 color palette collection goes towards socializing, housing, and litter training local stray cats. Their new PURR line has a buttery texture that goes on smooth and has a perfected finish for your eyes and lips. LC cosmetics is no doubt, designed to bring out your best features and hold throughout the day with hypoallergenic ingredients that protect your skin. Who doesn’t want a popular super-foil cosmetic blend that stays put as a part of your daily beauty regimen?

Another cool new product under the LC line is their Polly Pocket Candy Collection. It offers a unique 90’s inspired bright colored case. It takes users back to a time when putting their Barbie in their favorite jeans was a necessity. Enjoy an amazing new palette with cool new colors like Charmed or Diamond Crusher. You’re the beauty behind the make-up and their products are their to accent your look. Their products remain committed to helping you find your unique identity with bold new colors. They also offer a new Unicorn hair dye collection with one complete permanent application or two semi-permanent tints.

Become a part of the growing Lime Crime family by visiting their website for more promotional shipping offers on their new products. You can also find very affordable bundles with more color for professional make-up artist.

Feel Magical with Lime Crime

Lime Crime is a line of makeup that has a unique twist. They offer lipstick, face and eye makeup, nails, and hair color. They are big supporters of animals. Therefore, their products are cruelty free. They do not test on animals. Their products are also 100 percent vegan made. Their makeup is known for their wide range of colors. They stand behind expressing yourself through your makeup and living without regrets. Their products are made to put a smile on people’s faces and bring happiness. Their brand is centered around the slogan “Makeup for Unicorns.” It means their makeup is meant to make you feel magical.

Lime Crime provides lipsticks in all colors and types. Their most known type of lipstick are the Metallic Velvetines. They are made for long-lasting wear and will not transfer. They have more of a metal look. To make sure that their lipsticks are pigmented, they infuse the ingredients. Another product that they provide is pop on nails. They are made to apply yourself with ease an also for hassle free removal. They will leave your hands looking like you just had a girl’s day at the nail salon. Another product that they offer is the fantasy hair colors from the unicorn hair line. They come in a variety of different colors for just about every kind of person. They have ingredients that will not harm your hair. Their hair color products are semi-permanent hair dyes designed to start out bold in color and will fade gracefully.

They first originated as a digital makeup brand. They have a huge following in the social media world. Their trends have become a phenomenon on the internet.

Lime Crime’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer is Doe Deere. She created the company to resemble her sense of style and character. She loves to wear the brightest colors in order to make a statement. Her signature hair color is purple. Her company came to life because she needed makeup to go with her Halloween wardrobe. From that day, she has been changing the way the world looks at makeup.