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Rocketship Education: Supporting Students to Stellar Futures

Natural disasters are a heralding experience under the best circumstances. While devastating to all community types their impacts often handicap lower income communities for years afterwards. This is due to families’ inability to easily replace things ranging from clothing to even housing. Most people would not think that a security deposit could be such a major hurtle for families in the wake of a disaster. However this was the reality for many families when San Jose flooded. Unable to replace basic belongings such as clothes or furniture many found themselves without enough money for the deposits required to move into new houses. Facing homelessness Parents of students received vital help from a source they never expected.

Rocketship Education quickly acted to support families and stabilize students after homes were destroyed. They raised $62,000 by partnering with local catholic charities. This money went to funding essential recovery efforts. Although it was a pleasant shock to some parents to receive such generous aid from their child’s school this gesture is perfectly in line with Rocketship Education’s philosophy. This nonprofit charter school believes that the best way to ensure student success is by supporting families and the community. Their simple and sustainable approach is built around family and community building. By unleashing parent power the institution hopes to create active engaged students as well as families.

Established in 2006 Rocketship Education now operates in three states as well as the District of Columbia. Their program is geared towards addressing the unique needs of underserved communities. In their quest to create a sustainable educational program that addresses these needs, Rocketship Education focuses on learning the unique needs of each child. They also require that instructors meet with children and parents in their homes. By doing so the instructor is able to pick up on any unique struggles that may prove to be a barrier to the child’s ability to learn. It also fosters a relationship between parents, students and teachers. This relationship better supports families as they learn what they can do to ensure that their child achieves all that they are capable of.


OCC Moves Towards Achieving Vision 2020 with the Commissioning of a New Recycling Center

Orange Coast College (OCC) commissioned an upgraded recycling center on September 14, 2017. The new recycling center is a milestone in the recycling ability of the college as well as that of Costa Mesa. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by Costa Mesa’s Mayor Katrina Foley, OCC’s President Dennis Harkins, OCC’s Environmental & Sustainability Coordinator Michael Carey, members of the teaching fraternity, students, and other esteemed visitors.

With over 16 months of construction, the new facility is better than the old recycling center in all aspects. First, the new recycling center is located on five acres of land compared with the old center with sits on less than one acre of land. In addition to improved recycling capacity and ability, the new facility has classrooms, offices, a conference hall, a first aid section, a cleaning room, and showers for both genders to boot. Drivers visiting the new center now enjoy over 45 parking spaces. Learn more:

The modern recycling center accepts an array of materials. Some of the materials received at the center include electronic waste (computers, cell phones, etc.), kitchen waste such as cooking oil, and other materials. However, the center stays away from trash furniture, waste batteries such as those used by automobiles, waste motor oil, paint, and any dangerous chemicals. The modern facility will continue OCC’s recycling culture that has been alive for over 45 years.

Many guests spoke during the opening of the new facility, and they all had positive things to say about OCC and the recycling center. Harkins believes that the new recycling center is a symbol of OCC’s commitment to keep the region clean and provide jobs. On the other hand, Foley believes that the new center is capable of changing the economic prospects of the city. Carey expressed disbelief for the state of the art recycling center.

OCC is the third most populous community college in Orange County. However, it is committed to providing a conducive learning environment that is characterized by modern infrastructure and new technology. Apart from the new recycling center, OCC is developing new student housing, and a soon to be completed planetarium to replace an old one. Learn more:

Orange Coast College Ratings

The cost of college continues to increase rapidly every year. There are many people who are starting to look at alternative investment options outside of college. Orange Coast College is a great school that is highly rated by students. Not only does this college prepare students for the workplace, but it is affordable.


Orange Coast College is different than many schools across the country. Instead of focusing on classroom lessons, the college emphasizes work experience and internships for students. This results in many students getting job offers before they even graduate. Learn more:



Cost of College


Over the past decade, the cost of college has increased much more rapidly than inflation. This has resulted in millions of students borrowing too much money to go to school. To make the problem worse, many of these students end up having issues getting a job. There is an entire generation of students who are saddled with debt and have poor prospects for landing a job.


In the years ahead, Orange Coast College wants to continue building on its past success. The school is making a lot of investments into online classes. Many people believe that this is the future of education. Not only are online classes more convenient, but they are cheaper as well.



Future Growth


With the success of many students coming out of Orange Coast College, most people believe that the college is going to continue growing at a rapid rate. There are many people who are excited about all of the options that Orange Coast College gives to students. In the years ahead, this model of education is going to become more prominent than ever before. Alternative education options are the best way to save money and become prepared for the workforce. Learn more: