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Marc Sparks & His Latest Endeavor Spark Tank DFW

About Marc Sparks

Marc Sparks is a venture capitalist who has started several startups-some have succeeded while others have failed. In 1975, Marc graduated from high school in Austin, Texas. He has been an entrepreneur for the past 34 years, and with no formal training has created and sold millions of dollars value for self-made companies and products.
Marc has a passion to build companies usually from ideas that others perceive to be impossible.

Through Timber Creek Capital, LP, his private equity company, he is able to maintain a group of portfolio companies. In his book, “They Can’t Eat You” Marc Sparks tells his story of having unsuccessful ventures as an encouragement to entrepreneurs not to lose hope in their adventure. Marc is also depicted as a fearless man, who says he has no fear of failure.

Outside business, Marc has The Samaritan Inn- a shelter for the homeless in Texas. He has been involved in life-changing humanitarian projects to help the needy. Through his programs, Marc has counseled many people on financial education, family services, health programs, job placement and much more. Moreover, through his participation in Habitat for Humanity, he has helped build homes for dozens.

According to Crunchbase, Marc Sparks also has “Spark’s Kids” foundation that offers computers to children at risk to help them end the poverty cycle in their families. Other organizations include America Can! Academy and The North Texas Gateway Apartments.

Marc’s hobbies include hiking, fishing, hunting, working out, adventurous travel, biking, and playing golf.

He also booms in contests, both in business and in sports. Through his adventurous travel across the world to exotic places such as Angkor Wat, China, Serengeti, Agra, Machu Picchu and more, Marc is able to get more ideas and inspiration.

Spark Tank DFW

Spark Tank is Marc’s latest endeavor looking for social service executives with innovative ideas that can change the society. Through Spark Tank, small NGOs that support the society have a chance to get mentorship and receive award grants. Moreover, philanthropic groups based in Dallas, Fort Worth location have an opening to submit proposals for an opportunity to win an initial grant worth $5,000 to boost their non-profit cause.

Spark Tank announced Mommies in Need as the winner of the Spark Tank grant during the round two results. Mommies in Need offers qualified nannies to families in need of childcare support at no –cost in case of health emergencies. Read more: @msparks5010

Round one winner was Dogs Matter, a program offering short-term foster care services for the pets of alcoholics and addicts in recovery. People benefit from Dogs Matter program devoid of surrendering their pets. Marc Sparks is encouraging social success through this innovative social challenge that will continue to transform the Dallas, Fort Worth community.