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One Industry Copying Another: The Premium Dog Food Industry

The dog food industry is going through a few changes. The Daily Herald covered these changes in a recent article. The article explained that dog food companies have started to emulate the trends in the human food industry. The dog food made by companies like Freshpet, smell like something you would find in your refrigerator rather than the unique sent of dog food. It is also a lot more expensive, a little more than double the price of lower quality food. However, even with the price, the sales of Freshpet’s premium pet food have risen by 37 percent or 103 million dollars since last year. Freshpet’s sales in the premium pet food market still only account to slightly over 1 percent.

These type of numbers still are not enough. Analysts expect the company to post losses this year, as it has done for the previous four years. The experts say that the ingredients are just too expensive for many premium pet food companies to succeed. However, Richard Thompson from Freshpet believes that 2016 will be a much more profitable year because the trend of feeding your dog well because it is family is speeding up.

Beneful is a much larger dog food brand that is owned by Nestle Purinastore  Petcare. The company has grown quickly and by 2012, the company was bringing in 1.5 billion dollars in revenue annually. The company has grown due to a combination of its creativity in marketing and excellence in food quality.

In 2012, Beneful created an ad campaign in New York City subway stations. The Beneful campaign allowed people to play virtual fetch while they waited for their train to arrive. The ads were so successful that they were then installed in several more cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, St. Louis and Atlanta.

Beneful by Purina is also well known for the lengths it goes to ensure excellent food quality. They track the raw ingredients from the moment they arrive at the manufacturing plant to when they are put on store shelves inside a final product.