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World-Famous Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Her Patients Connect

When Dr. Jennifer Walden is on TV and in magazines, she is the same person as she is in her office. She works hard and posts a lot of things on Amazon about her practice and plastic surgery in general. Dr. Jennifer Walden knows what she can do to help others and feels there are many things she can do to make a difference for people in the industry. It helps her connect with others and also allows her the chance to try things on her own. While she’s working to help people have a clear understanding of the things that are going on in the industry, she’s also educating them about the things she’s able to do. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, the point of doing all this is making sure her patients receive the best care possible.

While Dr. Jennifer Walden knows what she wants to do, she spends a lot of time trying to show her clients the right opportunities. It’s something that allows her the ability to connect with patients while she’s working to help them. For Dr. Jennifer Walden, the idea she has for success is giving other people the right options. Doing this helps her see what she can make out of different situations and what she needs to do to provide people with these options. Everything that happens to her allows her the chance to give back to the patients. There are many opportunities she has for success that allow her to try different things.

Even when Dr. Jennifer Walden started offering these opportunities to people, she knew it would take some time to get used to all the issues she had. She wanted to be the best plastic surgeon and wanted to make sure she was offering people the peace of mind that comes along with the hard work she puts in the business. It’s her goal to give people what they need while she’s helping them out with their issues. Cosmetic surgeons have the chances they need to do things the right way while they’re helping all their clients with these issues.

How MB2 Dental Solutions Provides Help To The Broader Community

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva established MB2 Dental Solutions in Carrollton, Texas. It is a different type of dental office support organization in a few ways. First, it was started by a dentist who has been on the frontlines himself and knows exactly what is like to run a private dental practice because he has done so himself. Second, the way this company is set up the company and the affiliated dentist invest in one another. This investment is both professional and financial in nature. MB2 Dental Solutions has a vested interest in the success of the dentists that choose to partner with them because of this relationship.Giving back to the community is something that the people are MB2 Dental Solutions very much believe in. One example of this took place last fall when a team of 16 of their affiliated dentists left for Jamaica.

The goal was to help the residents of remote villages with their dental needs free of charge. They helped more than 400 people in these villages, most of whom had never seen a dentist in their lives. Many had tooth decay and were in chronic pain.During this team’s time in Jamaica, they visited both Trelawny and St. James. They performed cleanings, fillings, and tooth extractions. The team was made up of both dentists and oral surgeons. In order to pull this trip off MB2 Dental Solutions partnered with two organizations, Jamaica Tours Limited and Jamaicans Caring for Jamaicans, who scheduled their transportation and lodging.After Hurricane Harvey blew through the greater Houston area a lot of victims were left behind.

The team at MB2 Dental Solutions wanted to provide help to those affected, including many people who work in their affiliated dentist’s offices. They decided to raise money and were able to pull in more than $93,000 which was provided to Hurricane Harvey’s victims. One employee of Gulfside Dental said that MB2 Dental solutions had maintained constant contact with her office to make sure they were doing well and so that this company could lend any assistance she or her family needed during that time.

Dr. Mark McKenna Built His Business from the Ground Up

Dr. Mark McKenna began his business career when he was a medical student at Tulane University. He earned his medical credentials there and now has a license to practice surgery and medicine in Georgia, as well as Florida. Dr. McKenna launched McKenna Venture Investments while he was still training to be a doctor. McKenna Venture Investments is a small real estate development firm that has continued to grow over the years. The company acquired Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc in important business moves. Dr. McKenna maintains his status as a medical expert while contributing to the wellness of the communities that he works in. His organization has over 50 employees currently and offers services such as real estate closing, finance and design-build.

Dr. Mark McKenna was located in the New Orleans area when Hurricane Katrina struck the region and left a high level of devastation. Dr. McKenna suffered great losses to his business. He decided to find a positive angle in the misfortune by giving back to the local area. Dr. Mark McKenna was directly involved in the rebuilding of the New Orleans infrastructure. He also participated in redeveloping low income housing areas in order to support less fortunate families.

Dr. McKenna relocated his business from Louisiana to Atlanta Georgia and began to develop new brands. Dr. McKenna went on to develop OVME. OVME is a brand new concept that is reshaping elective healthcare with medical aesthetics and modern technology.

Dr. Mark McKenna prides himself on being a family man who relishes every opportunity to spend time with his wife and daughter. Dr. McKenna wakes up early to make breakfast for his daughter, which allows his wife to sleep in. He reflects on what it means to be a father and also visualizes the upcoming events throughout the day.

Dr. Mark McKenna takes the time to meditate at some point throughout his day in order to keep all of the activities focused. He does not believe in rushing through any evolution. Haste without direction will eventually lead to an unsatisfactory result.

Success Journey of Imran Haque in the Medical Industry

Imran Haque is a popular doctor who is located in North Carolina. His outstanding skills enable him to start and develop various organizations worldwide and one of the main companies that he started is Horizon Internal Medicine. Furthermore, as a specialized doctor, he has been able to make a decent title for himself hence known for worldwide and some of the services that he provides are Venus body contouring, diabetes management, physical examination, laser hair removal, 360 surfacing and as well as weight management. His brilliance services that he offers are due to him graduating with a degree in medicine in Universidad Iberoamericana that is situated in Santiago. Furthermore, his patients are grateful because he always ensures they are well satisfied these entice other patients to inquire about his services hence he makes a lot of profit. He as well attained his medical practice license at the University of Virginia that where he finished his internal medicine program. He was also able to serve at Horizon Internal Medicine as an intern when he finished his education at the University.

Imran as a physician he has been able to be in the medical industry for almost a decade these made him have enough experience and expertise in carrying out treatment for numerous illnesses. Moreover, he also hired in numerous hospitals which include Randolph Hospital, Hugh Chatham memorial, Kindred Greensboro, Kindred Hospital and Alamance Regional Medical Center. Through spending a lot of time with his patients he is able to recognize the correct diagnosis for numerous disease these enable him to be unique in offering good treatment. Mr. Imran has also been able to expand his health care services with opening establishments to various parts of the world such as Asheboro and Ramseur in North Carolina so that many people can be able to attain treatment that is affordable. To know more about him click here.

Mr.Imran main aspect is to always hire professional people that can offer exceptional treatment to patients. His commitment has been able to be honored through being awarded on different occasion hence these motivates him to accomplish more. Horizon Internal Medicine is now one of the top private medical centers due to his leadership skill.


Imran Haque’s Contribution to the Community

People regard Imran Haque as a caring doctor given the fact that he offers one of a kind service to his clients. Imran has specialized in internal medicine. He is fully licensed medical personnel who is fully trained and has the necessary medical qualifications.

He received a Master’s degree from the University of Virginia and earned a degree in medicine from Universidad Iberoamericana that is based in Santo Domingo. Imran Haque is currently working in a hospital in Asheboro in North Carolina. He works in Horizon Internal Medicine. He has over 15 years’ experience in treating different types of illnesses. That has enabled him to be the professional that he is today.

Imran Haque decided to impact the people of Asheboro by giving them medical services which are not locally available within the community. His services were well received by members of the community which enable him to revive the forgotten principle of good bedside manners. He acknowledges that to bring any idea to life, it needs a lot of diligence, financial support, and hard work. It also requires working together with other professionals.

According to Imran Haque, he is excited by the fact that technology has now been integrated into the medical world which has helped to make remarkable improvements in the field of medicine. He attributes his success to the fact that he has learned over the years to multitask which makes him have a performance of above average. One thing that he has learned over the years is to be careful of other people’s motives and not to be too quick to trust others.

Imran Haque has acquired the respect of many people in the course of his medical career. He serves at Horizon Internal Medicine, which is a medical group that is dedicated to giving excellent medical care to the community in Asheboro, Ramseur, and the nearby areas. Other than working for this medical group, he works alongside many other hospitals such as Randolph Hospital.

Dr. Imran Haque extensive experience in internal medicine has made him gain the much-needed expertise that is required in the medical field. As a result, he can attend to many patients, and he gives them the right treatment.

Chief Executive Officer of OVME, Dr. Mark McKenna

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical doctor. He studied and graduated from The University of Tulane Medical School. He now holds a license on both medicine and surgery. His father, being a medical practitioner, by both profession and passion, the two worked together for a period. Dr. McKenna not only enjoys, but has also dedicated the larger part of his life to helping patients out, and working to uplift the community.

From New Orleans, Dr. McKenna moved to Atlanta in 2007. While there, he started a practice that he entirely dedicated to the purposes of aesthetic and wellness; ShapeMed. Working on and with ShapeMed got Mark through a lot of experience, and seven years later, he resolved to sell it to Life Time Fitness. He then held the position of Director of Life Time Fitness; a role he executed for two years.

Having acquired a long-term experience in the aesthetics industry, Mark felt that he was ready to start a company of his own, with focus on his field of specialty. He established a medical firm, OVME, in 2017. He became its Chief Executive Officer.

Dr. McKenna was born in New Orleans. It is where he grew up, and acquired his education. He went to the University of Tulane Medical School, where he studied medicine. His father became his partnering practitioner in the field. They worked together for some time before Mark started the McKenna Venture Investments.

He is married and has two children. His wife, Gianine McKenna supports him, and the family life is what gives him drive and keeps him going. Their children are Milana Elle and the young Pomeranian Ryder. Dr. McKenna has joined several groups in both New Orleans and Arizona. He is with the Entrepreneurs Organization. Mark was once on the board of New Orleans Jazz Festival. Also, he once held a position in the commission of New Orleans Industrial Development. Having quite a schedule, he balances between work, family and also keeping fit. When he is not occupied, he works because that is what has become part of his life; since helping people out is what makes him who he is.

What Imran Haque Means for Rural North Carolina

Imran Haque is one of rural North Carolina’s most recognizable doctors, having served the underprivileged areas of Ramseur and Asheboro for more than fifteen years. He came to the area near the turn of the millennium, shortly after founding his own medical center in Horizon Internal Medicine. Imran Haque offers basic preventative medicine regimens and treatments for ailments and illnesses, as well as several procedures in cosmetic medicine, including body contouring and unsightly hair removal.

After earning an undergraduate degree, Mr. Imran Haque enlisted in Universidad Iberoamerican, a medical college in the Caribbean islands, just tens of miles off the southeastern coast of the United States. Imran Haque graduated from that program in 1998 with honors, soon after traveling to Virginia to complete three years’ residency to finalize his ability to practice internal medicine. He found an opening at the Internal Medicine Program at the University of Virginia’s Roanoke-Salem location. Almost exactly three years after he started in 1998, he earned his license in internal medicine, traveling to bordering North Carolina’s rural areas to give help to those with little money to spare.

In every year since his 2001 debut in North Carolina, Imran Haque has passed necessary Maintenance of Certification Programs in internal medicine to maintain active licensure to serve the rural residents of the Tar Heel state.

Today, Dr. Imran Haque specializes cosmetic procedures, diabetes management, and medical weight loss.

360 resurfacing utilizes lasers that tighten up wrinkles and unsmooth dermal surfaces to take years of natural wear and tear off of patients’ bodies. Imran Haque provides this treatment to all areas of the body, and usually requires no more than four to five sessions for at least six months of rejuvenated skin.

Laser hair removal is another one of Imran Haque’s specialties, again using lasers to strip away unsightly hairs from facial, chest, and intimate areas of the body.

Renown Health Set for Spring Expansion

Renown Health is working towards opening a new clinic that will focus on families in the South Reno area this spring. They will be offering both primary care services to their clients as well as providing a laboratory for their testing. They have high hopes that this expansion will lead to an increase of their services later on as more of the area’s residents choose Renown as their primary care physicians.

Renown Health is currently the only locally governed healthcare network in Reno that is not-for-profit. This model has ensured that Renown Health has quickly become a client favorite, as they focus on reinvesting into programs and equipment that will directly help their community. This recent expansion is the newest step in their commitment to the Reno area.

The medical director, Dr. McCormack, recently explained that one of the focuses of this new clinic was to offer a more inviting setting for their patients. The organization made this decision based off of input from their community advisory board. This board is made up of small business, nonprofit organizations, healthcare and education providers, local government, public safety officials, and those that work in major industries around Reno. This committee has been crucial in offering the board of directors the insight they need to grow in the community.

The new clinic will be set in the Summit Mall due to the growing population in the Truckee Meadows’ as well as the improvements in the local economy. The community has seen more people coming into the area with many settling into the South Reno area. This new clinic will work to ensure that these newcomers have access to the medical care that they need.

The new Renown Health clinic will open with a staff of eleven. Renown is working on adding at one or more primary care physicians and at least one more nurse practitioner to the clinic. With this addition, Renown now has twelve primary care clinics throughout the state.