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Dirk Koetter Your Time is Up

Many were surprised by the change of power from Lovie Smith to Dirk Koetter. The players did not hesitate to voice their opinions at the time of the change. We see after a solid start to Koetter’s tenure the team has gone in downward spiral. They have under-performed in many ways to say the least. For all the weapons they have acquired, it has got to be time to say something has gone very wrong. It starts with leadership and is now time for a change.

We have to start by going back to when and how the head coaching change was made. Lovie Smith was coming off a 6-10 season after going 2-14 in his first season. Although, they did not make the playoffs we all could see the potential and trajectory of the team. In Lovie’s last season it was evident the team was in a tough conference with Drew Brees and Cam Newton. They competed and fought hard through the last game of the season. As a young team in all areas you could see the fight and drive within the locker room. They laid it on the line for their head coach. One important thing to think about is, Lovie represented his players well and they followed him into battle every week.

I think the way the change was made goes overlooked. The word was that the owner did not want to lose Koetter to other head coaching opportunities, given his so called specialty in running an offense. Doing so, I feel the players observed that their needs were overlooked by ownership’s personal agenda.
The media and some around the league applauded the move, but now we see the result of following in line with outside pressure. They got rid of the coach that the players responded to and felt was the best option for the team.

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Why are we not talking about the lack of leadership qualities that Koetter lacks? They have given him the best overall team talent wise, the Bucs have had since the Tony Dungy Jon Gruden changeover. After adding Desean Jackson and other offensive weapons through the draft, the expectations were high this season to say the least. The talk this year was this team would make a playoff push. We have to exam the leadership and the team’s overall results. The offense has looked sub-par to put it nicely. The talent on defense has gone to waste. Lovie had the defense turning a corner and now they are back to their old ways.

Let’s be real! This team has not responded well to Dirk Koetter and it is time for a change. Go out and get a coach that is what we call a player’s coach. This is a young team with minimal veteran leadership. This has been a major issue with NFL ownership. Stop hiring guys that are in the owner’s circle and really think about what the players need to be successful. This is the opposite of the Dungy era. Jon Gruden took Tony’s players and won the Super Bowl. The players were cited saying they wanted to do it for Tony. In this case it has not happened. Ownership cut the team deep with the move and here is the outcome of that.