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Contributions of JR Ridinger as the CEO of Market America

JR Ridinger is an America entrepreneur and the Market America CEO. He has extensive knowledge in internal marketing, business enterprise and e commerce. He also displays excellent leadership skills. Market America is an Internet marketing company offering social shopping services. The company incorporates both the internet and the buying power of the consumers to provide customers a better way of shopping globally. The one to one marketing system empowers both consumers and businesspeople. The consumers have a chance to create their economic fate by changing their shopping system. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, earn a significant amount of money through both the retail returns and the commissions.

Serving as the Market America CEO, he developed a business model that pays both business men and customers whenever the customers purchase the company’s products. Since the founding of the company in 1992, JR Ridinger ensures that the financial independence of the consumers controls the economic dynamics of the market. All his life he believed that through the purchasing power the customers have a say in the business market. So far his company rewards more than 20,000 entrepreneurs who part of them have established a luxurious life for themselves.

JR Ridinger has a degree in Business Administration from Gettysburg College. He additionally possesses in depth knowledge in the fields of Sales, Public Relations, Strategic Partnering, Web Development, Brand Development, Digital Strategy, Blogging, Startups, and Marketing: email marketing, mobile marketing, network marketing and product marketing. He incorporates his skills in offering services that meet the business needs of his consumers.

White Shark Media changing the world of Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is an online marketing agency in North America which was founded in the year 2011. Since then, the company has experienced a steady growth due to the competitive services they offer. White Shark Media provides solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises at very competitive prices and at the same time providing excellent services to its clients. The agency, through their boutique agency, has helped several companies in America to grow by utilizing their online marketing strategies and the marketing methods. The success of White Shark Media is also because of tracking all of their clients’ closely and advising where possible. With the use of Google Analytics Integration, Keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software and competitive experience, the marketing agency ensures it’s accountable to all of their clients each and every month.

The three Danish entrepreneurs founded the firm with the aim of delivering a world-class experience to its clients. The founders are very experienced in marketing, and their primary goal was to outcompete the SMB Market that was steadily growing in the United States and also in Latin America. This could only be done by providing great product and services that were exceptional. The incredible performance of White Shark over the years has been because of the talented employees who helped to share their long learned experience with the clients. The marketing agency was using the proven ideas and experience rather than testing on their products. The outstanding services provided by the company have enabled several clients to stick with White Shark since the agency was founded for instance; their first client is still their client after years of service.

In the year 2012, White Shark was identified by Google due to the steady growth and was invited to Google HQ in Mountain View California. The Google Company assigned a support team to White Shark to influence the growth and clients need more intensively. In the year 2014, White Shark was awarded the Google AdWords Premier partnership because of working closely with Google Company, and since then the White Shark has been chosen for meeting the stringent suitability and training needs where very few agencies were recognized. Microsoft is another company which recognized White Shark due to its proven success in marketing for small enterprises. The marketing agency is committed to continuing to be more innovative and cost-effective in providing marketing solutions to its clients. This will call for the company’s dedication and creativity to achieve its goals.


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