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4 Things You Should Know About OSI Group

As a meat processor for some of the world’s most important fast food chains OSI Group has its work cut out. They are responsible for everything from the beef in our cheeseburgers to the pepperoni on our pizzas. There business model is complex, but this is needed to provide its clients with full support.

They manage to pull this off through the the use of numerous child companies tasked with providing specific regions or countries with supplies when necessary. Additionally, OSI Group supplies its clients with frozen vegetables and dough as well. It’s important to keep fast food balanced with a variety of foods.

OSI Group Was One Of The First Companies To Use Cryogenics

In the 50s many fast food franchise chains in America needed to rely on numerous slaughter houses to provide them with fresh meat constantly. This limited profit margins and prevented companies from expanding their markets, but the advent of cryogenic food processing changed everything. Restaurants could store beef until franchises ran out and supply them as needed. Obviously the need for slaughter houses was reduced, but the real advantage is the way companies were able to live out their potential. Thanks to OSI Group companies like McDonald’s went from regional favorites to global empires.

The Company Is One Of The Largest Private Companies In America

Although OSI Group operates on an international scale it is undeniably an American company. Through years of sound business strategies and investment this meat processor has made billions of dollars by not only providing quality food, but by spreading American culture across the world.

When people think of fast food they think of the burgers of McDonald’s, the deep crust pizzas of Pizza Hut, and the frappucinos of Starbucks. All that is possible thanks to the fresh supply of goods OSI Group provides to these franchise chains.


OSI Group Is More Than A Century Old

Founded in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky, OSI began as a humble meat deli in the suburbs of Chicago. As business picked up Kolschowsky needed the help of his sons to keep up with the demand. This is when he named that meat deli Otto and Sons. Eventually Otto and Sons saw even greater success over time before it reached its current name OSI. Now an international company OSI has expanded far beyond the initial dream of Kolschowsky into something beyond his dreams.

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