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Glenn Beck’s Description Of George Soros As A Progressive Puppet Master Is Jaded

Glenn Beck likes to run people into the ground on his Fox News Show. Some of Beck’s recent shows have lambasted Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and other people that don’t conform to Beck’s standards in some way. Beck blasts prominent people to increase his ratings. Beck has his own beliefs, and he expresses those beliefs at the expense of other people that make good targets. One of Beck’s targets a couple of years ago was hedge fund investor and philanthropist, George Soros. Soros is an easy target. The Soros story reads like a 20th-century novel where a poor boy makes billions and influences governments around the world. That’s what Soros does, but he doesn’t do it the way Beck says he does. Soros donates billions of dollars to countries that are under communist control or a dictatorship on Twitter. Soros makes those donations to promote democracy and human rights, not to control or take over governments as Beck insinuated.

The George Soros story starts in Hungary. Beck got that right. Soros is Jewish, but being Jewish in the 1930s in Hungary was a death sentence, so George’s father changed the family name, and he got documents made to show the Germans they were Christians, not Jews. Beck picked up on the name change and the fact that Soros hid his Jewish heritage. Beck said Soros was against Israel and against Jews. Those allegations were false then, and they are false now. Soros has donated millions of dollars to Jewish causes over the years, and he advocates the unity of all religions. Soros proved he could work with everybody when he landed in New York in 1956. George found work on Wall Street, and that was the start of his investing career. Soros graduated from the London School of Economics, so he had a basic understanding of investing and economic stability. That knowledge helped him when he started investing. Soros was an astute investor, so it didn’t take him long to make a lot of money. But his big score came in 1992 when he bet against the pound sterling. Soros earned more than $1 billion when the Bank of England devalue the pound against the U.S. dollar and the German mark.

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The Soros Open Society Foundation is funded by Soros money. George started the Foundation in Eastern Europe to stop the spread of Communism and to promote human rights. More than 100 countries have an Open Society branch, and the foundation has been successful promoting freedom in those countries. Soros is also credited with helping the EU understand the migration crisis. George has pledged to donate more than $500 million for new startups that are owned by refugees or businesses that help refugees.

The exact amount of money that George Soros has donated to bring the world together in an open society structure over the last 30 years is not known, but the total is in the billions, not millions. Soros is a man that cares about human rights, the global economy, and the freedom to express religious views without persecution. Glenn Beck only cares about his ratings and his job.