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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong- Partnering With Wyeth Nutrition And Mead Johnson Nutrition To Reduce Waste

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Some of the major challenges facing the world today include extreme climate change, increasing urban population, food and water scarcity, and waste management. These challenges are prevalent in any part of the world in developed and developing countries. However, waste management seems to be a major issue with China, which is, apparently, one of the most industrialized country in the world. However,, a major e-commerce organization in China is playing its part in waste management.

The online retail giant has entered into various partnerships that see it help in reducing the amount of waste generated by the companies. With increasing industrialization and production, large waste is expected to be generated. Therefore, the best solution is developing and implementing strategic plans that will convert the waste into something useful to the community rather than leaving it to damage the environment. This explains why has developed a partnership with moth Wyeth Nutrition and Mead Jonson Nutrition.

With the increasing consumption of infant nutritional products, there has been an increase in the cans that are used to package these products. This has forced to enter into an agreement with these organizations to help in the collection of the cans and put them into good use. Currently, through the partnership, all the cans and other associated waste products are collected and used to form various pencil cases through a recycling process.

These pencils are later distributed to the disadvantaged children in various schools around the country. This initiative has attracted positive reviews from the government and the members of the country. Within a short period, the number of customers buying from the infant nutritional companies has tremendously increased while those buying various products from online platforms are now buying from platform.

This is not the first time is engaging in activities that involve reducing waste from the environment and helping disadvantaged members of the community. The company has a running program that encourages individuals to donate clothes to needy individuals across China. Most of the clothes are recycled so that they can be in good condition before they are donated. The company has been able to achieve these initiatives due to its profound logistical program that is prevalent across the country.

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Bob Reina: He Is A True Warrior

Bob Reina is someone that is a true warrior for the people, and he is always looking out for what is going to help them. He wants to help them, and he is truly committed to it. It is not something he does once in a while; it is something that is part of his every day routine. Bob Reina is a truly kind soul with a heart of gold, and he has experienced a lot of ups and downs in seeing people. He has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in people. However, he likes to believe in the good in people. He truly believes there are far more good people than bad people.

Talk Fusion was built and created for the people. He is well aware that the good people are sometimes the ones that get lost in the shuffle. They are sometimes too afraid to speak up for themselves. They would rather just go along with the flow because they don’t want to rock the boat. However, sometimes they need to rock the boat and they need to do something that is outside the norm for them. It is not easy to do what is best for you sometimes, but it is the best way to get ahead in this world.

After all, Bob Reina knows that people only get one shot in life to get it right. There is no guarantee that tomorrow will be there for many people. They need to cherish and enjoy each and every single day they are alive. It is truly a gift and it is something special. With Talk Fusion, it is giving people the chance they thought they had once lost for good. He is encouraging people to do what is best for them. When they do what is best for themselves, they realize they are also doing what is best for others in the process. It is a win-win situation.

It shows the power of helping out others. They can offer their friends and family jobs at their new company. Talk Fusion has various video products to help speed up that process. All of this is going to help the customers build their brand. Everyone is a brand nowadays, and the sooner they realize that, the sooner they can get to work on building their brand and making it as big as humanely possible. There is no need to go small in this situation. It is best to get the most out of Talk Fusion and the most out of their life.

They owe it to themselves and they owe it to everyone out there that believes in them, loves them, and wants to see them happy. They deserve it. Learn more:

Mighty Fortress Church: A Mighty Fortress in Minneappolis

The Mighty Fortress Church is a multi-dimensional, international church located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The church was founded by Bishop Thomas Williams. The evangelical church celebrates and spreads God’s love in their culturally and racially diverse community, which includes the northern cities of Minneapolis and the Minneapolis metro area. Their goal is for members of their congregation to deepen their relationship with Christ and with other Christians. In addition to weekly services, they offer numerous outreach programs and Bible study groups. They also provide support to similar ministries all over the world through missionary work. Watch this video on Youtube.

The service at The Mighty Fortress Church focuses on delivering practical applications of God’s word for the modern day Christian. The weekly service includes a band, choir, and worship team. Rather than have the same tired sermon and rituals every week, The Mighty Fortress Church provides relevant, updated sermons to address the issues facing Christians in today’s world while still honoring sacred Christian traditions like Communion. One unique aspect of The Mighty Fortress Church is their comfortable,friendly, and informal atmosphere. They welcome all cultures, races, ages and people of various social backgrounds to come as they are when attending a service. Their goal is to have church be an enjoyable and welcoming experience for all members of their community. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor at The Mighty Fortress Church. He is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Oklahoma. In addition, Bishop Williams holds numerous other degrees including a Bachelor of Arts in Communications, a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, and two Honorary Doctorate degrees. He has been in ministry for 30 years and is the founder of The Mighty Fortress Church. His ministry focuses on gleaning knowledge and wisdom from the Bible in order to combat issues of social injustice, poverty, racism, and moral decay. He has three children with his wife Sabrina Williams who is also active in ministry.


Talk Fusion Brings Inspiring Content To The New HuffPost

During HuffPost’s lightning rebrand recently, Bob Reina, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion published two fresh articles to the news provider. His first article, which was published a day before the rebranding, was a discussion on promoting and the understanding of one’s target audience. Then, shortly after the rebranding, he published another article, this time on success within a society that doesn’t value persistence. With these articles, Talk Fusion may be taking a more firm role in HuffPost’s future.
Talk Fusion Packs Marketing Expertise In HuffPost Contributions
With its recent name change from Huffington Post to HuffPost comes a new mission; telling the stories of the people who haven’t been included in the discussion surrounding newsworthy issues. As seen in a recent letter from the publication’s editor in chief, these new initiatives resonate heavily with Reina’s goals, both as a contributor to the publication and as the public figurehead for Talk Fusion.

Reina goes on to explain his firm belief in the art of innovation and growth, pushing brands forward into the modern era and beyond. As a seasoned leader and a generous philanthropist, Reina notes that his primary aim is to set others up for success, no matter their circumstances or history. His aim with his articles is to bring forward this personal agenda and to get his message to as many as possible.

Bob Reina has contributed regularly to HuffPost since the summer of 2016, providing numerous articles on subjects ranging from marketing, technology, sales, entrepreneurship, and personal growth. In an interview, he goes on to state that he is pleased with the direction that HuffPost is heading, and appreciates their efforts to take a look at themselves and to work on improving their platform to better suit only the highest quality content.

With a distinct move towards more insightful content from people like Reina, the future of HuffPost is looking bright. Reina proceeds to say that he looks forward to “sharing more insightful articles not only with our own customers and associates at Talk Fusion but with HuffPost’s nearly 200 million readers,” and with those nearly 200 million readers, Reina’s message is reaching further than ever before.

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Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion is a company specializing in uniquely crafted all-in-one video marketing solutions. They hold a deep focus on helping the businesses of their clients stand out among stiff competitors and bringing them vast improvements in sales, profits, and customer retention via an innovative marketing model centered around independent agents. After first being established in 2007 by Bob Reina, the current CEO, Talk Fusion has put a strong focus on dedication to philanthropy; giving back to communities as well as animal charities, and providing a strong focus on family and friends.

Bob Reina: Help Is On The Way

Bob Reina is here and that is great news for anyone out there in the world that is looking to take their life in a new direction, a better direction. It is the type of person that Bob Reina is, and it is a big reason why he has endeared himself to so many people out there as the CEO and founder of Talk Fusion, the amazing and award-winning company. This is a company that won two awards in 2016 such as the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Bob Reina is a firm believer in the power of communication and the power of listening.


When he started Talk Fusion, one of the main things he did was listen to the people around him. He knew they had great ideas and he knew they had a lot to offer in terms of this video communications company. After all, he hired them for a reason. Bob Reina likes to get input from as many sources as possible. The more information that is out there, the better leader Bob Reina can be in the long run. Make no mistake about it, he is already a great leader and he is a leader that people can count on to get the job done flawlessly.


Talk Fusion has video newsletters, video emails, video chats, and video conferences. All of these are used to get people in touch with other people out there and get them to connect and spread their wings. When that happens, they can really count on their business growing and being the type of business that makes money and makes them happy as well. It is a wonderful feeling to be happy and it is something that Bob Reina wants for each and every single person that uses Talk Fusion. It shows the measure of the man that he is and why people love him so dearly.


It is rare to make that kind of impact on someone’s life, but Bob Reina has done it on many people’s lives. He will keep on doing it and has no plans to stop. Learn more:


Bob Reina’s Track Record of Success with Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is a video marketing company that was created by CEO Bob Reina back in 2007. The goal of Talk Fusion was always to create a platform by which companies could embrace video marketing trends in order to connect with their clients in a more efficient manner. These companies are a dime a dozen nowadays but Talk Fusion was the first one through the door and Bob Reina has led them to the success that they are seeing today. As an entrepreneur and a CEO Bob Reina has become one of the most influential voices in the video marketing industry. Let’s take a moment to learn a little bit about what makes Reina tick.


Bob Reina was working as a police officer when he came into contact with a network marketing industry executive. Reina’s conversation with this professional helped him to start dwelling on a potential job where he took control of his future. While he didn’t quit his work in the force that day and turn straight to his work as an entrepreneur, it did help him to start dwelling on the concept that Talk Fusion would eventually become.


The key to Talk Fusion’s success has always been in Reina’s ability to look ahead of the curve and get there before his opposition. That was the key that made Reina’s first program ignite: Video Email. Reina had wanted to send a video to his friends and family while looking at a house. However no client at the time offered him the ability to embed a video directly into his email. The clock started ticking and Reina immediately reached out to an IT professional in order to start developing the application that would launch his company. Learn more:


For Talk Fusion success came almost instantly but it wasn’t something that Reina was prepared for or expected. Reina’s key was always to work on projects that he felt strongly about and that was what gave him the ambition to bring Talk Fusion to the market. His charisma behind the project eventually leaked to potential customers and the rest, as you can see, was history.