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Entrepreneur Jojo Hedaya Offers People A Way To Tame Their Crazy Email Inbox

Jojo Hedaya is an entrepreneur in the tech sector. He is a 2012 graduate of CUNY Brooklyn College and has degrees in business and philosophy. He founded Unroll Me in September 2011 and is the company’s chief executive officer. His leadership at this company has resulted in millions of subscribers signing up.

Like everybody else, he was buried in frivolous emails. His phone was constantly notifying him that he had yet another email. He was losing the battle against junk mail but decided that he could put a stop to it and then make this solution available to other people.

It’s extraordinarily difficult to separate what actually matters in your email box from the junk that permeates it. Jojo Hedaya, like others, didn’t want to get rid of the bad stuff because sometimes it did offer deals that he could take advantage of. He really didn’t like that it intruded even into his work hours, though, and so thought of solutions to solve this problem of receiving too many offers from things he had signed up for.

Unroll.Me was his solution. It is an email organization tool that eliminates a big part of the amount of email people use each day. He says that 80% of the emails people typically get are either subscriptions, newsletters, or general updates. His app rolls all of these up into just one email you get once a day at a time of your choosing.

Once you sign up for Unroll.Me it will scan your inbox and shove all of the junk into just one email called “The Rollup”. You can then go through this email and check out what you are actually interested in. If you see stuff you no longer want you can easily delete it and all future updates with just a single click.

Jojo Hedaya built a world-class team early on at his company. He looked for passionate people who had the ability to stay positive and motivated even when making big bets on the unknown. He says that he could have taken the typical career of working for somebody but he wanted to do his own thing and that choice has really paid off for him.