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How Roberto Santiago is Reshaping the Recreational and Entertainment Space in Brazil

Roberto Santiago is a renowned Brazilian entrepreneur who owns the Manaira Shopping Mall based in Paraiba. Manaira Shopping Mall is the biggest in this state and ranks among the largest malls in the whole of Brazil. Its construction started back in 1987 and took two years to complete. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is located in a central location that offers an easy access to persons living in Manaira area, Joao Pessoa.

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Roberto Santiago’s Vision of Offering Diverse Fun, Recreational and Leisure Options

Manaira Shopping Mall is a true reflection of the vision that Roberto Santiago had in mind when it comes to offering diverse forms of recreational, leisure and fun options to his mall’s customers and visitors. The vibrant entrepreneur did not hold anything back as he built the mall according to the set international standards. Manaira Shopping Mall offers awesome bowling alleys, restaurants, movie theater complex, food court, leisure area, shopping area, ballroom, hyper-store, garden and many more.

Huge Emphasis on Fun and Entertainment

Roberto Santiago is an entrepreneur who has already curved his niche in the world of fun and entertainment. He is also the proud owner of the Mangabeira Shopping Mall. Roberto decided to up his game and set the standards higher with Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, as it is widely known in the region due to its breathtaking movie theaters. The mall has 11 movie theaters whereby three of them are fully equipped with the most advanced and recent 3D technology. Apart from the top notch equipment in the movie theaters, movie goers are also offered great bar service and other refreshments that include diverse varieties of snacks, candies, ice cream and drinks.

Games Entertainment Haven

Teenagers and kids are spoilt for choice at the Game Station inside the Manaira Mall, which is an entertainment asylum. The Game Station has an extensive floor area as it occupies more than 1800 square meters. There are more than 200 game machines that have been installed in the huge area offering a rich variety of game themes. Manaira Mall’s bowling alley is another great haven for both adults and kids to unwind and enjoy their favorite game. The bowling alley is always full with fun loving people of all ages. In addition, the Manaira Mall complex houses a college and a bank, making it a city in its own right.

Domus Hall

Domus Hall is another key and popular feature of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is located on the mall’s terrace and has a capacity of holding up to 8,000 people. The hall can also host a number of different events like fairs, seminars, conferences, art exhibitions, receptions, theatrical performances as well as other event formats. The Manaira Mall boasts of a huge car parking space, which has the capacity of holding more than 3,100 cars. Read more on

Handy Delivers Big On Housecleaning

Handy does not offer the housecleaning services on its site on its own. It, instead, acts like a middleman between people who need their home cleaned and people who want to clean homes. The site works in a way that is streamlined and is able to provide each party with the best options possible. Handy wants to make sure that everyone is able to get the services that they need and that they are able to provide the services that they have to offer the people who are in their home. Handy works with housecleaners as well as homeowners.

In the past according to, housecleaners needed to rely on classified ads and other means of marketing themselves. While these sometimes worked, they were not always the best option that people had when it came to offering a reliable service for their clients. Handy changed that. They took the best parts of classified ads, as well as other marketing means, and combined them to make it work for the people who wanted to make money by cleaning houses. This was something that allowed them the chance to offer their services on a site that was guaranteed to have people who were just looking for their services.

Homeowners who needed a housecleaner used to have to just rely on their friends and family to give them references for housecleaning in their area. They had to trust the decision of others and that often meant that they had to do the searching to find these people. They worried that the person who they hired to clean their home wasn’t the right person and that he or she was not doing a good job. They also had to worry about the different problems that came from having someone they didn’t know in their home.

Handy ensures that the highest level of safety is provided to both the homeowners and the housecleaners. They want to make sure that all of their housecleaners go through background checks and that they are prepared to work for the clients who need their homes cleaned. This means that Handy does the leg work of getting this done and it allows them the chance to have total control over what is going on in their websites. They offer this service as an extra level of protection for homeowners who need the help of a housecleaner in the area that they are in.