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Charlie Strong is the Man

Many remember Charlie Strong as the coach the University of Texas settled on when they could not get the coach they wanted. Some would say he was sabotaged by the UT boosters. However you perceive his previous tenure, Strong is a leader in the collegiate ranks. He holds his players and staff to the highest of standards. He cleans up the program first and makes an immediate impact on and off the field.

He is highly regarded as a stand up coach and most importantly a man. He understands where his players come from and takes extreme pride in helping them become better men. His ways are unmatched, and his players seem to always respond well personally and on the field. He has outstanding values and his players respect that.
During his time with Texas he took a stand to change the culture, while gutting the players that didn’t comply and applying standards that many programs lacked. The wins didn’t come as he would have liked but he made an impact on his players and their families.

One thing I think is overlooked, is his strength and consistency in recruiting. In his time with Texas he still brought in strong recruiting classes, even with the lackluster record. His strong male presence, leadership qualities and respectful nature has stood out to recruits and to their families. One thing his players know is that Charlie demands full effort on a daily basis. He drives his team to get better every time they step foot on campus. The talent pool in Florida is somewhat endless and with the big time programs all battling for their pick of the best, Strong’s impact will be felt across the region. It says something when players leave Strong’s teams with not just NFL draft numbers but an increase in graduation rates.Your text to link…

Charlie Strong has shown again that he a superior collegiate coach in his first season at the University of South Florida. Everyone involved in the program have and will continue to feel his positive presence, especially on the defensive side of the ball. He has lead USF to a 9-2 record in his first season and they can expect this program to consistently thrive under Strong.