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Stream Energy-Courage at Its Best

Do you have enough courage to venture into the unknown? Since its inception, Stream Energy has done the unthinkable, gone to the unimaginable, and achieved the inconceivable all because of its courage. From 2005, Stream has witnessed an upward success trajectory, thanks to its significant investment in innovation and technology.

Despite its successes, something has always been amiss with Stream Energy. However, it is in 2017, during Hurricane Harvey, that Stream unleashed its true colors. Hurricane Harvey, having lasted for two weeks affected areas like Texas, Belize, and Honduras among many others. As you can recall, Stream has an interest in Texas and so the corporation could not take watch as the lives of innocent Americans get destroyed in seconds.

Unlike other big corporations in the region, Stream Energy entered uncharted waters and boost rescue and recovery efforts through philanthropy. Fortunately, all that got done in good faith bore fruit. Since then, Stream has made consumers confident about the brand, a success that has not stopped Stream from scaling up.

At the moment, the corporation has diversified its philanthropic efforts and even started what we now know as Stream Cares. Stream Cares, being the brainchild of Stream, has joined hands with the Red Cross and Habitat for Humanity, a drive aimed at helping local communities to survive when natural disasters strike.

Stream Energy has done it this time around despite being a clean energy company. In so doing, Stream has gained recognition among the masses, something that Patch has taken notice of. Using its philanthropic vehicle, Stream Energy has directed its giving to help the homeless and in particular, small kids.

For example, Stream through the Hope Supply Co. has created an annual event that helps homeless children gain access to financial help from donations given by the company and its employees. These children also gain a lifetime access to supplies, items that give them more than a chance of enjoying life. By partnering with its associates, the company is taking a route that only a few corporations in the world have ever taken, and in so doing, has changed the lives of thousands.

Making Energy Supply A Philanthropic Art

The Life Of Energy

Energy has a life of its own, but it doesn’t get used and can’t work for you if you don’t access it. There’s a large store of energy to use through Stream Energy. The stream you need access to comes about because of a modern civilization. This society is growing faster now that it has technology doing so much work.

None of the work you do or that gets done in your city is possible without energy. Energy moves thoughts, completes projects and keeps your home heated with access to light at night. What you haven’t considered yet was how much more effective you become when energy is made into one output.

The Distance Left To Go

You have a long way to go if you haven’t found one service provider to send over every power source you need. Keeping it all on one bill will keep your free time open also. The distance society has traveled forces energy providers to consider the potentials of only one source of energy.

Market prices have already met competitive levels due to the consolidation of firms like Stream Energy. How far you are from these advances is not a major obstacle. Stream Energy provides simple registration and a clear overview of the services that are restructuring how life operates.

Here’s A Short Cut To The Life-Stream

The energy stream is a combination of power sources. Stream Energy is a competitive agency that has comprised your daily energy consumption into negotiable terms. There’s a faster service, a more coherent customer rep and a simpler way to use energy.

The energy revolution is defined by the consolidation of gas, electricity, wireless services and medical dispatches. These sources are available though Stream Energy and the major breakthroughs it brings to energy consumption. Consume your power through Stream Energy, and manage your power through one provider.

Offering More Than Just Health Insurance, USHealth Advisors Offer HOPE

USHealth Advisors sales health insurance to the self-employed and small businesses. Individual policies are also available.

Troy McQaugge USHealth  President and CEO. In that capacity, he decided that in addition to offering health insurance USHA should also offer HOPE. As Troy put it, “Every company has a ‘soul’. That ‘soul’ lies at the very core of who the company and its people really are.”

The letters H-O-P-E stand for “Helping Other People Everyday”. The program launched in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina where USHA teamed-up with Phoenix of New Orleans (PNOLA).

PNOLA is a not-for-profit whose mission is the restoration of New Orleans’ Lower-Mid City district. In addition to building housing and business properties, PNOLA helps individuals work towards a higher standard of living.

USHealth Advisors employees provided the labor to tear down buildings that weren’t salvageable. Their efforts cleared the way for the building of new housing. H.O.P.E. volunteers also assisted in the rebuilding of structures that could be saved.

In 2011 and 2012 USHealth Advisors held its Leaders Meeting in Phoenix Arizona. USHA has made it a policy to provide HOPE to the community where the Leaders Meeting is held. Read more about Troy McQuagge US Health at Slideshare

Operating in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area the non-profit shelter for children Crisis Nursery was HOPE’s 2011 beneficiary. USHA donated necessities like baby formula and clothing. The value of the items was in the thousands of dollars.

The following year, the charity HOPEKids Arizona received $25,000 through the HOPE initiative. HKA assists children with serious illnesses. The program also offers support to the sick child’s family.

USHA Agents based in Brevard County Florida threw their support behind the Brevard County Homes for Warriors Project. The agents spent time working on a home to be occupied by a soldier and his family. The house was given to the family cost-free.

Thinking along similar lines as their colleagues in Florida USHA agents in Arizona made supporting the Wounded Warrior Project their contribution to HOPE. Each week agents in that office donate money to Wounded Warriors by placing money in a fishbowl. The weekly donations are always in excess of $100. Check: