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Dr. Shafik Sachedina: Balancing Entrepreneurship And Community Service

For over four decades, Dr. Shafik Sachedina, a U.K based dental surgeon and the co-founder of Sussex Health Care, has been running two successful ventures. Dr. Shafik Sachedina is an active member and a volunteer in the Ismaili community where he jointly serves in the Aga Khan Foundation and Institute of Ismaili studies. As a leader in the two organizations, Dr. Sachedina is responsible for co-coordinating activities and programs that seek to bring together more than six Ismaili communities living Central Asia and other parts of the world. The Institute of Ismaili studies seeks to teach its members and the world in general about the Islamic history. They also seek to enlighten the world about Islamic culture, which will help in fostering understanding among the international community.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s role in Sussex Health
Besides being a reputable leader in the Ismaili community, Dr. Shafik Sachedina is also an affluent businessman. He co-founded Sussex Healthcare, an organization that provides specialized care to the elderly and people with mental disabilities. They have been operating in Sussex area where they have served more than 300,000 people for the last four decades.

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According to Dr. Shafik, the main goal of establishing Sussex Healthcare was to help people with mental disabilities find a place they could call home. Sussex Health Care features specialized facilities that make the lives of these people easier. They admit patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, critical learning disabilities and even patients who have suffered brain injuries.

Currently, Sussex Health Care has twenty-three fully equipped facilities in West Sussex and beyond. They are targeting on reaching out to more people in future and provide the critical health care to them. Sussex Health Care employs highly qualified individuals in different fields who provide high-quality care to their patients.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina educational background
Dr. Shafik Sachedina’s roots trace back to Tanzania in East Africa where he was born. Dr. Shafik and the rest of his family then moved to England. While living in the U.K, Dr. Shafik Sachedina continued with his studies by enrolling to Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School. Dr. Shafik earned a degree in dental surgery in the 70s. He then launched his private practice in the U.K where he served people for several years before establishing Sussex Health Care.

Even after establishing the Sussex Health Care, Dr. Shafik continues to serve people in different ways. He is a mentor to the young people where he trains them in the field of Entrepreneurship and dentistry. Dr. Sussex Health Care recently joined hands the West Sussex University of Chichester to provide a fully sponsored program for dental surgery students to intern at Sussex Health Care facilities.

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The Accomplished Perry Mandera

The Career History & Background of Perry Mandera

Throughout the entire business industry, it is well known that it is one of the most challenging and demanding fields to work in. In addition to that, it is also well known that the industry is also one of the most lucrative ones to work in. Knowing these two facts, professionals constantly take their chances for a chance at success. Worth mentioning, while there has been many successful businessmen and entrepreneurs over the course of time, perhaps none have been as diverse and as influential as Perry Mandera has been in his career. With plenty of years to his credit, there is not much that Perry Mandera has no accomplished in his career. As one of the most prominent individuals in all of the business industry, Perry Mandera has reached the top of his field in a number of ways. This just goes to show how diverse and well-rounded Perry Mandera is as a professional. Having said that, there is still so much more to his successful ways. So, to further understand how he has managed to achieve so much in his career, here is more on Perry Mandera and his current state as a professional.


More on Perry Mandera & Career

Worth repeating, Perry Mandera is as accomplished as it gets as a professional in the business field. His career portfolio is as unique as it gets. As impressive as that is, perhaps none of his accomplishments have been as recognized as his company, The Custom Companies, Inc. This company, which is one of the best transportation businesses around, has benefited greatly from Perry Mandera’s contributions. In turn, Perry Mandera has also benefited from the company’s overall success. In many ways, the company is the ultimate example of Perry Mandera’s overall greatness as a business expert. Not only has his company helped many in the transportation side of the business but, it has grown tremendously since its establishment. With the way things are going for him and his company, Perry Mandera will surely be one of if not the wealthiest businessman in the transportation niche. All in all, Perry Mandera will surely continue to succeed as he always has.


Making Energy Supply A Philanthropic Art

The Life Of Energy

Energy has a life of its own, but it doesn’t get used and can’t work for you if you don’t access it. There’s a large store of energy to use through Stream Energy. The stream you need access to comes about because of a modern civilization. This society is growing faster now that it has technology doing so much work.

None of the work you do or that gets done in your city is possible without energy. Energy moves thoughts, completes projects and keeps your home heated with access to light at night. What you haven’t considered yet was how much more effective you become when energy is made into one output.

The Distance Left To Go

You have a long way to go if you haven’t found one service provider to send over every power source you need. Keeping it all on one bill will keep your free time open also. The distance society has traveled forces energy providers to consider the potentials of only one source of energy.

Market prices have already met competitive levels due to the consolidation of firms like Stream Energy. How far you are from these advances is not a major obstacle. Stream Energy provides simple registration and a clear overview of the services that are restructuring how life operates.

Here’s A Short Cut To The Life-Stream

The energy stream is a combination of power sources. Stream Energy is a competitive agency that has comprised your daily energy consumption into negotiable terms. There’s a faster service, a more coherent customer rep and a simpler way to use energy.

The energy revolution is defined by the consolidation of gas, electricity, wireless services and medical dispatches. These sources are available though Stream Energy and the major breakthroughs it brings to energy consumption. Consume your power through Stream Energy, and manage your power through one provider.

Felipe Montoro Jens reports investments to create more PPPs

Felipe Montoro Jens, reports the plans of the Brazilian government to invest R $ 44 billion into the country. This investment will be in the form of 57 projects over 22 sectors. The Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI), who is responsible for relationship building between the private and public sectors will be responsible for these investment to ensure it used to create public private partnerships. Felipe Montoro Jens has reported of the 57 project investment there are plans for major roadwork construction. Felipe Montoro Jens reported the highways BR 153 and BR 364 are included to have major roadwork completed. BR 153 is the highway that connects Anapolis (GO) and Alianca (TO) The highway that connects Comodoro (MT) and Porto Velho (RO) is BR 364. Combined BR 153 and BR 364, account for well over 800 kilometers. Felipe Montoro Jens got a list ports to be included in this investments. Felipe Montoro Jens listed Belem (PA), Vila do Conde (PA), Paranagua (PR) and Victoria (ES) are all scheduled to auctioned to the private sector during the last three months of 2018. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

The December 2004 Federal Law 11,079 / 04 was passed, and it is what the Brazilian government uses to define the rules and regulations regarding public private partnerships. The Law makes a standardized system the country can use, and should make it easier to form public private partnerships, since the law eliminates any gray or unclear areas.

Brazil has the largest economy in Latin America, and the 7th largest in the world. Brazil has had serious economic and political issues over past years, and as a result the deficit has skyrocketed and has overall made the economic climate not ideal for growth. Public private partnerships can be an effective tool to help reduce deficit, create jobs and complete traditionally expensive projects. Public private partnerships create an environment to allow the public and private sectors to leverage each other’s respective advantages. Visit:


The Astonishing Accomplishments Of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello has played a significant role in shaping the economy of the United States. He once appeared in the list of the most highly paid CEOs worldwide.

In 2014, he earned an estimated $68.2 million. His astonishing income comes from his position as the Chief Executive officer of Nabors Company. Nabors Industries specializes in activities such as oil and gas drilling. Tony’s impressive achievements have made him a role model to upcoming entrepreneurs who want to achieve a lot in their career.

Even though Tony Petrello’s salary is quite high to sustain a luxurious living, he remains to be an honest individual who treats people with respect. His mode of operation and how he interacts with people are based on his principle of ensuring fairness to everybody. Mr. Petrello acts as the business strategists and manager of Nabors Industries. Tony Petrello gained much recognition and honor for increasing job opportunities in the US. Through Nabors industries, thousands of people living in the US have secured jobs.

Success can not only be achieved by people who had a bright background. Tony’s past was quite challenging because he struggled hard to gain what he has. Petrello family was not wealthy, but he was determined to work hard to attain great accomplishments. Anthony Petrello grew up in Newark where most of the people were working for different companies. Tony Petrello grew up in a society that highly values hard work and good work ethics. Through such principles, Tony has managed to achieve his goals by applying them.

Since Tony was young, he knew what he wanted to achieve in life. One of his goals was to become a CEO in a distinguished company. He knew he had to work extra hard to achieve his goals. One of the amazing things he did was to master calculus at a tender age. Petrello pursued mathematics and human sciences at Yale University. Later on, he joined Harvard Law School to study education.

Soon after graduating, Mr. Tony pursued several jobs before being employed in Nabors Industries. However, he did not immediately get a promotion to this top managerial position. He worked for about thirty years while getting promotion from rank to rank before being promoted to become the CEO of the company. Although he started from such a humble beginning, he is currently one of the prominent business leaders in America.

Upon graduation, Tony Petrello worked in several companies where he gained his business and management experiences. He later secured a job at Nabors Industries. At Nabors industries, he did not get instant promotions. He worked for about three decades before he became the company’s CEO. Tony’s career is a proof that people can rise above all odds if they are determined to succeed.

Ted Bauman Keeps a Watchful Eye on the Future

Ted Bauman was born in Washington, DC, and raised in Maryland. He attended the University of Cape Town, after immigrating to South Africa, and graduated with a post graduate degree in History and Economics. Bauman currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia. After graduating from college, he found employment opportunities in the non-profit sector, and became the fund manager for low-cost housing. He helped establish an organization known as “Slum Dwellers International.”

Ted Bauman took on challenges with Banyan Hill Publications in 2013. He took on the editorial role of the Alpha Stock Alert, Bauman Letter, andthe Plan B Club. The publications specialize in helping people protect their assets, low risk investment strategies and international migration issues. View Ted Bauman’s profile on LinkedIn

When asked about his day, Bauman reports after he sends his daughter off to school, he heads to his home office and starts his work day. He checks out the news of the day, paying particular attention to the topics of interest that matter the most to his subscribers and readers. Being a write, he strives to bring value to Banyan Hill Publishers and writes compelling copy about topics that may seem lifeless and mundane.

A trend he finds fascinating, as well as exciting is his readers that question the state of the economy and not just the domestic economy, but the international economy, as well. His readers are asking if the right business strategy is to bend over backwards for big business and if such a strategy is providing benefits for all or just big business. It is a good thing to Bauman that ordinary people are interested in the right solutions to the problems that confront business, as well as the general population.

One of Bauman’s favorite habits is start the day as early as possible as that time of day tends to be his most productive. He prefers to focus on work at that time of day rather than interacting with others. He learned early in life the kinds of job he prefers after working in the fast food industry and as a gas station attendant. He learned valuable lessons from those jobs, but certainly did not want to make a career out of any of them.

If he had to begin again, he would develop better time management skills. Rather than trying to adapt work style to time, he would refine his time management skills to make himself more efficient in everything he did. Bauman also would have learned the technical aspects of economics. His goal is to focus on the topics he is considered an expert about. He can provide better insight for his readers and their wealth. More information can be found by visiting:

Ted Bauman: a most sought financial writer and advisor.

Ted Bauman: a most sought financial writer and advisor.

Ted Bauman is the editor of The Bauman Letter and the Alpha Stock Alert. He joined Banyan Hill Publishing in 2013. He currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his family. Ted was born in Washington D.C and raised in Maryland. Bauman then immigrated to S.A where he pursued his Master’s degrees in History and Economics from the University of Cape Town. When he was in South Africa, he was elected to play leadership roles in the nonprofit organizations. Ted Bauman was the manager for a low-cost housing project. A project aimed at reducing slums and problems related to it. He is the founder of Slum Dwellers International, an organization that has helped at least 14 million people in countries worldwide. Visit for more info.

Ted Bauman worked as a consultant. He researched and wrote exclusively about finance and urban planning issues for clients. His clients were many huge organizations including United Nations, South Africa among others. In 2008, he returned to the U.S. Bauman got to work as Director of International Housing Programs. A firm based in Atlanta, GA. After working for five years in the firm, he resigned to pursue his work as a researcher and a writer. The Bauman Letter is a monthly publication which focuses on enabling readers to use workable strategies that help them to preserve and grow, protect their privacy and live a happy life. This is by using innovative investment options, lawful and personal policy. The publication has more than 100,000 subscribers.

Ted Bauman says that a writer should put to use his/her writing and narrative skills to describe why some topics are essential in our lives. He uses his powers to write on the importance of protecting and preserving one’s assets. The tendency of his readers asking more about the economy, in general, excites him. Some of his subscribers ask matters concerning entrepreneurship, whether to invest in large businesses is a sound financial strategy. Bauman is a good time manager. He ensures that his day is spent in productive work. He focuses on searching for news and first-hand information on topics which her specializes. He uses various websites for information, research, and analysis for his work as an editor.

Bauman recommends the use of Stock Market Buy software which is less expensive compared to others. The software allows one to watch the stock exchange, set up portfolios and get up to date analysis about investments. He advises his readers to read the book: Capital in the 21st Century. He says that the book has some necessary information about interpretation of world wealth concentration. Read more on Talk Markets:


Learning About Real Estate Investing From Experts

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate investor and coach. He loves teaching people the basics of investing. At a young age, he decided to start investing in real estate. Although it was difficult at first, he developed an extensive real estate portfolio. With his financial success, he has the freedom to spend his time however he wants. He now operates a real estate investing academy. He helped hundreds of people each year get started with real estate investing.

How to Get Started

Investing in real estate is not complicated. Owning a rental property generates monthly income. Every home has expenses that the owner must pay. The goal is to purchase a property that produces positive cash flow each month.

The best way to get started investing is to research a local real estate market. Conducting market research is a proven way to find opportunities. Some people struggle to find a home for sale in their area. With the strong housing market, investors have to act quickly to find a deal. Nick Vertucci gives his clients different tips to find real estate to purchase.

Repairing Homes

One of the best ways to find a real estate property for a low price is to buy a house that needs various repairs. Some people are not willing to complete work to improve a property. Once a home is fixed, the value will increase tremendously. Many people purchase homes and upgrade them substantially. Once the upgrades are complete, the house will now rent for much more money each month. Nick Vertucci recommends this strategy for people who want to generate additional income.

Next Steps

Nick Vertucci is excited about the growth of his company. He offers online training courses for anyone who wants to join. He plans to continue investing in real estate in the coming years.

How James Dondero has changed the face of Dallas charity for 25 years

When most people think about charity and philanthropy rarely does the highly-competitive, cutthroat world of finance and hedge fund management come to mind. In reality, this industry is perfect for this sort of localized charitable work, as James Dondero at Highland Capital Management has proven.

Ever since the beginning in 1993, James Dondero had a different vision in mind when it came to investing and finance. For him, Dallas is not only the headquarters of his business, it is also his home and community. It is for this reason that almost all of his charitable efforts have remained focused in his community, despite having business ventures and investments across the globe. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

Ultimately the reason for this is simple, his client base from the very beginning has consisted almost entirely of native Dallas residents. He quickly found that serving members of the community service a great marketing tool for his firm; is simply made a rational business sense to continue focusing charitable and philanthropic efforts on the city of Dallas.

There are well over a dozen examples of his charity in the past, but a few stand out above the rest. Most recently, James Dondero has personally committed a $1 million donation in order to help the zoo revitalize and bring its hippo exhibit back to its patrons. The donation will specifically cover the cost of constructing the Highland Capital Lodge. The new construction will be 5000 square feet of hippo exhibits allowing not only for viewing of the animals but also additional space for special displays as well as private events. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

When he isn’t focusing his efforts on direct cash donations James Dondero lends his time and his expertise to his community. In a joint effort between him personally and Highland Capital Management capital for kids was established. This organization serves as a network of Highly experienced investment management professionals that consultants who work pro bono to assist children from low-income families to plan their futures. Normally these types of consulting services are only available to the richest clients, but instead, this expertise is made available freeway. To date the program has served hundreds of low-income families in the Dallas area, helping them to break the cycle of poverty.

Altogether, well investing and hedge fund management may be seen as a territory of business savvy sharks, for the last 25 years James Dondero has proven Highland Capital Management to be the opposite. In retrospect, it makes perfect sense for any company with a great deal of capital and a considerable amount of business experience to serve as the leader of their community. In many cases this charity isn’t even a true cost; it can be leveraged to create Goodwill and new customers.


Information On Matthew Autterson

Matthew Autterson is not a person that is hard to find information on. So, if you have already found some information on him, then you probably already know that he has been able to work 25 years within the Financial Services industry. Of course, with the industry having taken so much time from his life, it is no surprise that he is very good with the work that he does, and that every one of his clients has recommended him as the person to go to. A lot of his work was spent with one of the biggest financial institutions in the U.S. to have been state chartered, and they are a huge company that everyone knows about. Graduating from college can be hard, especially for those that have a hard life, however, for Matthew Autterson is was easy and he was more than happy when he received his Bachelor’s in Finance during the 1980 year. However, that is not the only education he received, he also went to the University of Denver Graduate Tax Program, where he excelled at everything he did.


Matthew’s first introduction into the life of being a working man was with his work at the FTC, the First Trust Corporation, and there Matthew Autterson was able to work hard at climbing the corporate ladder and make a huge difference in the company. Even though Matthew may have left the FTC company in 1982, his career did not end there, he in fact went to work at the Colorado State company where he was able to make every client happier than the last. Of course, it is not a hidden fact that the company was just a subsidiary of the Integrated Resources company which held headquarters in New York, but you may have not known that. On top of all of that, you may also find it interesting to know that the company provided financial services to their clients, which makes since with the educational background that Matthew has.


During these hard times it can be hard to find a job that you really love, a job that not only makes you feel good about the amount of money you are earning, but also makes you feel good about the work you are doing for others. However, Matthew was able to find the perfect job for him, working for the FAB company. With this company he was able to take a leadership role within the Colorado business community and has been able to do work that is of interest to him. Also, the Webb-Waring Foundation and the Denver Zoological Foundation were other places that he was able to provide some assistance to, places that he was more than happy to work with

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