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David L Giertz: Taking Financial Advice to a Personal Level

Recently, the Wall Street Journal has posted a video interview with David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial’s sales and distribution organization. In the interview, Giertz talks at length about social security, as well as the programs potential benefits and pitfalls. Chiefly, Giertz discusses how uninformed financial advisors can land potential retirees in hot water by way of misinformation. Giertz attributes this danger to misinformation and ignorance on the part of low-end financial advisors. Giertz recommends potential retirees to make sure they have their advisors educate themselves on the ins and outs of the program; Failure to do so can reportedly cost retirees up to twelve thousand dollars per year. Additionally, Giertz claims that social security can contribute nearly 40% of retirement funds, making the need for informed advisors all the more essential.

David Giertz’ advice is to be heeded, as it is built on nearly three decades of experience working for the best in the business. Nationwide Financial has benefitted greatly from Giertz consultancy, resulting in a 48% increase in revenue across several regions. The company used this information as a clue to Giertz’ immense well of knowledge and insight in all things financial. This recognition has resulted in enormous success and credibility being attributed to Giertz over his long career of consultancy.

Giertz’ wealth of knowledge comes from high places. The recipient of an MBA from the University of Miami, Giertz has spent a lifetime learning from the best minds finance has to offer. Additionally, Giertz is a registered broker with FINRA. The role of a finance broker is to trade in high profile markets, dealing with everything from securities to mutual funds. This fact ultimately serves to lend even more credence to Giertz’ words. Finance has been David Giertz’ entire being for the last thirty years, and to the benefit of retirees everywhere, it will continue to be for more years to come.

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